Laura & Peter

I’m coming down with something and don’t have a recipe to share today, but quick, before the Nyquil kicks in, I thought you should know about this wedding.

Laura and Peter, my lifelong cousin and brand new cousin, respectively, were married this weekend at the beautifully hilly, wooded and woodchipped Miquon School in Philadelphia.

They’d spent months planning their day, from the sunflower-strewn outdoor ceremony on rustic wood benches to the cozy, tented reception beneath the October foliage, champagne-flowing and music ringing through the trees above.

The booze and the music cooperated.  The weather, on the other hand, did not.

The Miquon School saw heavy rain, then sleet, then snow, and then, just for good measure, more rain and freezing sleet, all day on Saturday, the day of the wedding.  It rained through the ceremony and sleeted through the reception, and decided to stop just when the party was over.  Of course.

You’d think an outdoor wedding would be diminished, if not entirely ruined, by a freak October nor’easter.  In this case, you’d be wrong.

photograph by the amazing Joe Foley

We swapped heavy boots for pretty heels, hid our formal wear under downy jackets, wrapped our fingers around cups of hot spiked cider during the ceremony, danced around chilly drips through the tent during the reception, and y’know what?  We loved every minute of it.  We snuggled on wood benches through the beautifully intimate ceremony.  We ate macaroni and cheese.  We listened to Teddy sing Bruce Springsteen while Laura and Peter had their first dance.  We cried, kind of a lot.  Peter wore Converse sneakers and an incredible smile, and Laura was a stunning, stunning bride.  We lifted them both in chairs, and then danced around the beer bottle.  So much happiness, so much love.  So much scotch and soda.

Joe Foley Photography

Snow and all, couldn’t have been better.

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12 Responses to Laura & Peter

  1. JBursk says:

    Most perfect wedding EVER!!!!!

    • Dr Auntie Marie says:

      The most magical winter wonderland of a wedding ever!!!!!!!!!!! Who plans an outdoor wedding during a snowstorm? No one…but who turns lemons (the weather) into lemonade (the best niece wedding ever) – the fenton, grossman, gilbert, bursky, slutsky, devon-sands…etc etc clan….of course. Many, many more to come….

  2. Lauren Menkowitz says:

    This wedding overflowed with love and fun, lacking absolutely nothing! Absolutely awesome!

  3. beth (Bunny) Messenger Connatser says:

    Peter is a new cousin, discovered via facebook. His Grandftr Sig is my first cousin (our Mothers were Sisters) and last summer I sdaw Sig and Helen and Phyllis for the first time in about 50 nyears
    Mazel tov to them both and may that love only expand in coming years!

  4. Lissie says:

    My darling Molls, i have read your magnificent post now about 10 times in the past 12 hours. i am overwhelmed by the love and the warmth, not to mention your beautiful writing. i have to go now because i can’t see amidst my tears but i will return to this post another dozen times before the day is over. thank you and i love you so much.

  5. phyllis says:

    This is such a perfect description of all , especially the feeling! I am sending it out to everyone because I couldn’t describe it any better myself.

  6. kgro says:

    and clearly i’m crying again. love you molls! xxx.

  7. Odette says:

    Few of us are as eloquent at describing the love that was shared and the wonder at how such challenging weather circumstances could actually be transformed by an undaunted catering staff and the spirit of everyone there into such a joyous time! Thank you for describing in such lovely words. Truly an affair to remember!

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  9. Maggie Gilbert says:

    Maybe the most beautiful post among beautiful D&C posts. This was a special wedding to say the least, the winter wonderland notwithstanding. Just perfection. It goes to show what a vision, buckets of planning, some talented friends and family and LOTS of love can do.

  10. Sportsjon says:

    Awesome times. Grossman/slutsky 1, the elements 0.

  11. Susan Frankel says:

    Your Aunt Lis sent me your blog…love it!

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