Orange Chocolate Almond Biscotti

When I was a kid, I don’t think you could have paid me to eat biscotti.

To kid-me, an oblong brick of a “cookie” filled to the brim with nuts and dried fruits (and any other non-chocolate addition) merited every last quotation around the word.

Give me chocolate chip!  Give me snickerdoodle!  Hell, give me a fig newton, but keep that biscotti away from me, will you?

Oh, how times change.  I’ve lived, guys, and I’ve learned.  It turns out that biscotti don’t have to be tooth-breakingly hard.  They don’t have to contain aniseed, or any other flavors/spice you dislike.

Biscotti can be tender and crumbly and even worthy of the chocolate chip!  And dunked in some coffee, tea, or a cold glass of milk?  Ho ho ho, everybody.  Merry almost-Christmas to me!

wait! there’s more…

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I Think Thursday 12.21.17

Happy last Thursday before Christmas!  I’m hoping to get you at least one more cookie recipe for the big man comes down from the North Pole, but I’m notoriously bad at blogging so let’s see, shall we?

Here, some links for you!

  1. Looking for a delicious, make-ahead holiday meal? Truffle Mushroom Lasagna!
  2. Speaking of Truffle Mushroom Lasagna, I should mention that One Pan & Done (also Sheet Pan Suppers, obvs) make excellent holiday gifts! 😉
  3. Aretha sings Adele?  OKAY.
  4. A real cheese-tastrophy.
  5. I could watch this all daaaaaay.
  6. If Joy says bake, we bake.
  7. An important reminder.
  8. And this, too.
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White Chocolate & Peppermint Dipped Chocolate Roll-Outs

More cookies!  Because honestly, why not?

I’ve loved these Chocolate Roll-Out cookies since I discovered them (thanks, as always, Deb!) a few years ago.  They’re soft and brownie-like, but in a rollable cookie form, which means fun shapes and glazes and toppings galore.

I should note that they’re also fantastic plain, without any of that kind of fanfare.

But it’s the season for fanfare!  In the form of a smooth white chocolate dunk, and then a heavy sprinkle of crushed candy canes.  It’s Christmas in a cookie – absolute perfection.

White Chocolate & Peppermint Dipped Chocolate Roll-Outs wait! there’s more…

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I Think Thursday 12.14.17

It’s the third-to-last Thursday of the year!  Wowza.  I am, very appropriately, drowning in cookies and latkes this week.  It’s a delicious sort of suffocation.

How about some links, yes?

  1. Need a nice homemade hostess gift – or maybe just a gift to yourself? Meyer Lemon Almond Loaf Cake!
  2. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
  3. I still love these memes.  The Gryffindor one 😂
  4. Adding to my to-make list.
  5. This is really important.
  6. The enduring power of aunties.
  7. Ugh.
  8. For the love of poems/doughnuts.
  9. But like, why?
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Citrus Chicken with Olives & Herbs

We’re not even halfway through December, but I’ve already eaten so. many. cookies!

My freezer is stocked with buttery balls of dough, and there might be hints of chocolate and/or molasses running through my veins as we speak.

I’m not complaining – I feel pretty good about it, actually – but there comes a time when something a little more savory is in order.  A proper dinner!

A simple roasted chicken dish, warm and bright with fresh citrus, briny olives and green herbs, fits the bill.

This one is easy enough to throw together on a weeknight, but it’s also elegant enough for company.  It’s richly flavored and soul-warming, though the ingredient list is short and simple.

During this month of holiday cheer (complete with heavy plates and yes, maybe too many cookies), this is a good recipe to have on hand.

Consider this the final installment (part 4, if you will) of my seasonal “Whole Bird Cooking” series! In case you missed them, here are parts 1 and 2 and 3!

In partnership with Draper Valley Farms.  All opinions are my own.  Thanks for supporting the brands that support Dunk & Crumble! wait! there’s more…

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I Think Thursday 12.7.17

Hi, friends!  Happy Thursday.  Has the country just spontaneously gone up into flames yet?  No?  Great.  I’m keeping myself (mostly) distracted from current events with thoughts of seeing friends and family this weekend, and also eating a boatload of holiday cookies.

Here, some links for you!

  1. Hannukah is next week! Let’s make LATKES!
  2. This made me lol.
  3. How to throw a dinner party without a kitchen table.
  4. These Onion headlines are just writing themselves these days, aren’t they?
  5. I mean I don’t NOT feel like this one is directed squarely at me? 😂
  6. Women aren’t ruining food.
  7. Disastrous consequences for public health” in exchange for lower taxes for private airplane owners doesn’t seem fair to me.  You?
  8. Yuuuuuum!
  9. Do you follow @zoebakes? I’ve been loving her IG stories lately!
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Cookie Swap

Did you know that yesterday was National Cookie Day?

Yeah, neither did I, but Instagram is really good at reminding me of these things (although according to the official “day calendar,” today is National Sacher Torte day, and I don’t see that many people lighting up their feeds with sacher tortes, so… I’m just saying.)

In that light, I thought you might like a roundup of some of my favorite cookies for the holiday season:

Chocolate Candy Cane Crackles!  Extra chocolate-y.  Extra festive.

Classic Gingerbread Cookies – the most classic.  Need I say more?

Chewy Gingerbread Chocolate Chunkers.  For when you need chocolate and gingerbread in a single bite.

Salty Rosemary Toffee Crunch!  Not technically a cookie, but so completely addicting I have a feeling you’ll let it slide.

Pistachio Shortbread Cookies!  Buttery, nutty, crumbly, YUM.

Spicy Molasses & Brown Sugar Cookies!  Crispy on the outside, chewy in the middle, and packed with deep, wintery, molasses/brown sugar flavor.  These are a favorite of mine.

Dorie’s World Peace Cookies.  Peace through chocolate sounds pretty good right about now.

It seems to me that, especially in December, every day is cookie day.  So let’s get to baking, shall we?

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I Think Thursday 11.30.17

So, how was it?  The turkey and the stuffing and the family hugging/bickering?  Ours was big and loud and delicious, as per usual.  My team lost the family football game but I tried out a new pie recipe (and added toasted meringue) so, at the end of the day, everyone won.

Have you moved on to Christmas/Hannukah yet?  I admit I’ve been blasting the “happy holidays” Spotify station, and this weekend we’re planning to get our tree and dust off the ole menorah.  For now, here are some links for your day:

  1. It’s cookie season! Try these White Chocolate Gingerbread Blondies on for size.
  2. Must be some pretty good chicken.
  3. What do we do with the art of monstrous men?
  4. What every CEO knows but won’t tell you about the proposed tax bill.
  5. Most amazing pie artist of all time!
  6. Do you use Ebates? I’m finding it helpful, especially around the holidays. Free money!
  7. I’m thinking of giving this meal plan a try post-holidays – has anyone else tried it?
  8. Hahaha yes.
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Toasty Pumpkin Granola

BOY am I glad it’s Friday!  As Calder might say, “awesome, wow!” (we’ve been listening to a lot of the Hamilton soundtrack lately).  So yes, FRIDAY!

This particular Friday means two things: one – I’m on a flight east to start some early Thanksgiving celebrations with my family (hooray!) and two – weekend baking!  Double hooray!!

This weekend, I challenge you to make your own granola.  It’s easy (the measurements below aren’t set in stone, so take any liberties you like), satisfying, and this pumpkin version in particular will make your house smell like the tiny fairies of Autumn sneezed warm spices everywhere (and I say that with the utmost respect/admiration for those guys).

One batch of this stuff will yield you a healthy, delicious and très seasonal breakfast (either with milk, yogurt, or sprinkled over a warm bowl of oatmeal) for the upcoming week and beyond.  It makes a great gift, and also freezes nicely for future breakfasting/snacking.

Happy Friday, everyone! Let’s get to baking!

Toasty Pumpkin Granola wait! there’s more…

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I Think Thursday 11.16.17

The big (turkey) day is just one week away!  If you’re stressed about what to make, maybe check out link number one?  It’s a bundle of all the best bits.  And here, some more links for your weekend:

  1. Sheet Pan Turkey Roulade takes care of (almost) all of your Thanksgiving menu, and on one pan no less.
  2. Egg salad for breakfast? I’d do it.
  3. Remind me to never, ever swim in the ocean again.  Cool.
  4. 100% no brainer.
  5. What is this magic? Do I need to add it to my Thanksgiving lineup?
  6. Cards Against Humanity, yes.
  7. I can’t believe people have to even do this, but there it is.
  8. Related
  9. I’m not in charge of the turkey this year, but if I were I’d consider this recipe.
  10. Haha.
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