July 4th!


I’ve had one fantastic trip to Europe, but I’m real glad to come home this weekend.  I’ve been dreaming of peanut butter.  Of burgers and beers and flag cake.  Of FREEDOM, y’know?

If you’re looking for a few last minute ideas for your 4th of July celebration, allow me to suggest these (both delicious AND patriotic) gems:


The brownie berry tart!  A good idea always.


Marionberry pie (or a mix of blue- and- blackberry, if you like) could be fantastic.  I’m imagining tiny stars cut out of the top crust instead of circles?  #America.


A smoother, creamier pie option is this sour cream and fresh strawberry number.


You could always be everyone’s favorite person and just make red berries and cream pops!  Yep yep.


Swap out the lilac in these strawberry lilac pavlovas for some fresh blueberries and you’re in business, Betsy.

Happy Fourth of July, America!  I love you more than croissants.  Mostly.

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  1. have you ever dipped a strawberry into sour cream, then brown sugar? it kind of negates the nutritional value in the strawberry, but it’s so good and that strawberry sour cream pie sounds like its older sister.

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