I Think Thursday 7.23.15


Hey, peeps!  This week I’ve been spending my time eating chocolate peanut butter ice cream and trying to revive my sad-looking, under-watered and overheated garden.  Fun stuff.

Here, some fun links for your weekend!

  1. Now’s the time for a Raspberry Nectarine Clafoutis!  Easy and delicious.
  2. Burrito engagement photos?  Amazing.
  3. I’m so excited for Sarah’s cookbook!  And love reading about her process.
  4. Easiest ice cream cake ever!
  5. Are you all caught up on the And Eat It Too podcast?  We’re chatting with RUTH REICHL tomorrow!  (Is this real life??)  Tune in!!
  6. This girl’s got MOVES.
  7. Hah.  (But like, seriously?)
  8. Feeling stressed?  Find some nature!
  9. Ileana’s Peach Pie Bars look the bomb dot com.
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2 Responses to I Think Thursday 7.23.15

  1. that clafoutis looks so good! made one a long time ago with cherries and completely overbaked it, so i think it’s time to try another one.

  2. Carol says:

    Peach pie bars are in the oven. I wish I could send the heavenly scent to you over the internet. Perfect summer day….Perfect summer dinner….fresh sweet corn on the grill and peach dessert.

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