I Think Thursday 5.25.17

Happy long weekend, peepsicles!  The news is utter catastrophe, but the sun has finally graced us with a string of warm and glorious days, and on every block you can almost feel Seattle’s foliage wringing itself out after a (long, wet, and did I mention long?) rainy winter.

Here are your links for the week!

  1. Can we make Watermelon Limesicles this weekend?
  2. Super interesting.
  3. Well, cute.
  4. Craving!
  5. Shoot. Am I still allowed to like cereal?  (Because I still do.)
  6. New eggs, who dis?
  7. I have this sometimes!  It’s weird.
  8. My new favorite cocktail.
  9. Wow.
  10. A longing for Mr. Rogers.
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One Response to I Think Thursday 5.25.17

  1. Jamie says:

    I eat raw carrots every day and just yesterday had the swollen lips and weird mouth sensation after eating some. We’re in a high pollen, high cotton tree fluff period right now so it makes sense!

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