I Think Thursday 2.9.17

Happy Thursday!

This week saw the release of my second cookbook, and after months of anticipation and one hecka fun launch party, all I want to do now is sleep for maybe like two days?  Or at least sit down for one quiet moment to let out a long and cleansing WHEEEEEW kind of breath.

Wheeeeeew! (I’m glad it’s finally out there, can you tell?)

How about some LINKS, huh?

  1. Next week is Valentine’s Day! Maybe we should make these Chocolate Heart Sandwich Cookies with Whipped Espresso Ganache
  2. Also, speaking of that holiday, this is all I really want on February 14th.
  3. If you’re in Seattle this Friday, maybe come to this event?
  4. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry?
  5. But like seriously, is this real life?
  6. Do you have one of these instant pots?  Do I need one?
  7. This looks so fun!  Might have to start getting crafty over here.
  8. This is hilarious.
  9. Good advice.
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One Response to I Think Thursday 2.9.17

  1. Deb Lynch says:

    Fabulous cookbook, read it cover to cover, except for fish chapter, don’t eat and certainly don’t cook fish
    10 copies, ready for all my house gifts.
    Thanks Molly!!

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