I Think Thursday 2.19.15


Oh hi!

I made these cinnamon rolls from Sheet Pan Suppers last weekend for Valentine’s Day – I’d forgotten how unbelievable they are!  Just wanted to remind you.  And here, your Thursday thinks!

  1. This heartfelt SPS testimonial/review has me grinning from ear to ear.  Yay, Asha!
  2. Straight up loving this cover of Shake It Off.  On repeat.
  3. Why moms love emoji.  This is SO GOOD.
  4. Hot dudes reading on Instagram.  Hah.
  5. What happens when American kids try breakfasts from around the world? (Spoiler alert: cuteness ensues)
  6. Boston, I know you’ve got cabin fever, but is this a thing??
  7. Old Finnish people with things on their heads is amazing.
  8. Cara crushed this sheet pan biscuits & bacon thing.  And I’m slow-clapping her honey butter addition.
  9. Sarah and I are working on creating a podcast for you! We are working out some audio issues but so far it’s FUN.
  10. The Oscars are this weekend! I’ve seen approximately none of the movies nominated.  This guy has not only seen, but ranked all 60 films.
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  1. Julie says:

    Well that podcast was fun!

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