I Think Thursday 12.8.16


What happened?!?  Apparently I blinked and Thanksgiving jumped right into Christmas!  This time of year always flies by.  In a rush of tree trimmings and car robberies (both of which took place this week, so that’s cool).

Let’s get to some links, shall we?

  1. Classic Gingerbread Cookies?  Why yes, I think so.
  2. Hahahah.
  3. An amusing remix of the original classic, minus the creep factor.
  4. I always love Joanna’s annual gift guides.
  5. Adding these to the “must make” list this season.
  6. This is pretty cute.
  7. I feel like we all could use this right now.
  8. Every year this is fantastic 😂
  9. Holiday cookie generator!
  10. A new episode of And Eat It Too went up today!
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