I Think Thursday 12.18.14


Happy Thursday, friends!  Here, your easy-to-digest Thursday thinklings (lots of videos this week!):

  1. Want the recipe for those Coconutty Ganache Thumbprints up there? Grab a copy of Sheet Pan Suppers! (p.266 yo)
  2. Have you seen the 31 Days of Pie over on Matt Bites? This Double Chocolate Malted Tart looks insane.
  3. Newest trailer for Pixar’s next movie, Inside Out!  Can’t wait to see this one.
  4. The cutest, most edible menorah you ever did see.
  5. More a capella, this time mixed with some Johnny Cash. SO GOOD.  I loved these guys on The Sing-Off.  Did anyone else watch that show? #NickLachey
  6. More MORE a capella, and possibly the best parody of T. Swift’s “Shake It Off” I’ve seen yet… bonus points for the helpful explanation of how to actually play dreidel.
  7. Remember these Chewy Gingerbread Chocolate Chunk Cookies? I want one.
  8. These British kids are adorable, even when they don’t get the presents they’re expecting.
  9. Did you catch yesterday’s holiday Mollygram?  It’s for YOU!

Thanks for popping by today.  Enjoy the (almost) weekend!!

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6 Responses to I Think Thursday 12.18.14

  1. Concerned says:

    Is there a reason you have yet to comment or post links regarding the events in Ferguson, MO, NYC and elsewhere regarding police brutality in regards to black men? As much as food blogs don’t necessarily pertain to race relations in America, the smattering of other pop culture interests combined with the paucity of links regarding such integral and disturbing events is, well, kind of disturbing to me.

    • molly gilbert says:

      Thanks for your comments, Concerned. I’ve definitely struggled with whether or not to post such links in this space. The topic of police brutality towards black men in this country is, I agree, one that should be recognized and discussed. But I’m not sure my food blog is the right forum for the discussion. For the moment, I’m purposefully keeping things around here cheerful and light – an escape from reality (a reality that seems to crush me with the news each day), maybe. I’m lucky that I can do that. I appreciate your thoughts, though, and hope you’ll continue to stop by.

  2. Concerned says:

    (By the way, this is coming from another recent graduate from Amherst College, though perhaps you went to UMass down the road.)

  3. Julia Barlow says:

    Hi Molly I am a student at the Shipley school and my mom works their to, anyways I just wanted you to know that these look amazing. My mom and I (who are bug bakers and cooks) are making these for santa when he comes to town and for our family. I also just got two copies of your cook book, and everything in their looks amazing!

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