I Think Thursday 12.17.15


Thanks so much for all of the well wishes on my last post!  It’s a relief and a half to have you all in on the baby news.  Now, let’s get to the links of the week!

  1. Christmas gingerbread!  Make this and be happy.
  2. Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and the cast of the new Star Wars = perfection.
  3. So long, Le Cordon Bleu USA…
  4. I meeeeean this cake!
  5. Deb’s best edible gifts – I’d take any and all of these treats.
  6. Who DID get tickets to see Adele, anyway?
  7. I love a good spritz (“shpritz”) cookie.
  8. Haha.
  9. Looking for a last minute holiday gift?  I hear this book is a pretty good read. #shameless
  10. This seems like a good idea.

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