I Think Thursday 11.13.14


Oh, that up there?  It’s a cran-raspberry pie!  A crazzberry pie.  It’s just doing a little foreshadowing…

But (pie), more (pie) on that (cough, PIE) later.  For now, it’s another (Thurs)day another dolla!  Here’s what I’m thinking about this week:

  1. The cast of Mean Girls looks back.  Stop trying to make “fetch” happen.
  2. Do you like hanging out with yourself?  The Luxury of Solitude.
  3. Yours truly in 425 Magazine!  Talking about sheet pans and why my grandmas are the best.
  4. The truth about cast iron.
  5. Women Rejecting Marriage Proposals in Western Art History.
  6. Everyone I know keeps talking about this podcast. I just started listening and am hooked.
  7. Oops.  This is awkward.
  8. This pie Gaby made looks illegal.
  9. Relevant on Veteran’s Day and every day – the humans beneath the uniform. Very poignant.
  10. Sucks to be a Mets fan, huh?
  11. For anyone who lives in or plans to visit Seattle, this news is just tragic.  I mean… WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?
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One Response to I Think Thursday 11.13.14

  1. Nancy Wingo says:

    Yea, it’s Thursday and your great list is out again. Enjoyed your interview in 425. Couldn’t get the podcast to work but that’s probably my usual lack of tech savvy…hope you’re having a great week and anticipating the book release. I am!

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