I Think Thursday 10.5.17

Hey, Thursday people.  Links for you!

  1. This has been, very clearly, a week for chocolate. Chocolate Stout Cake anyone?
  2. Speaking of chocolate, I’ve made this recipe (I turned it into muffins instead of a loaf) twice in the past 7 days.  No regrets.
  3. Turns out The Onion is real news now.
  4. Have you heard of “emotional labor?” This article is sparking some interesting and helpful conversations in my house.
  5. Do you know what La Croix means? It’s French for “Summer in a Can, Asshat.” 😂
  6. There’s a new #sheetpansuppers book out this week!  I didn’t write it, but it looks awesome.
  7. Joy seems to always know what to say and do.  Y’know?
  8. Remember when these people were in charge? #swoon
  9. Bravo, Jimmy Kimmel.
  10. Want gun safety? Here’s one way to help.
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