Tricksy Treats

(Circa 1992.  My aunt made my clown costume and we all (pretty, pretty obviously) did our own makeup.  You’re welcome.)

Happy day-before-Halloween!  Or rather, as it’s called this year, crazy-nuts-hurricane-clean-up-day.

I hope you’re all staying high and dry and doing some fun Halloween treat-making.  Or baking.  Or eating.  If you have electricity, I mean.

Need some candy-coated inspiration?  How about some homemade marshmallows?

Totally toast-able.

Here, bowls of pumpkin patchy brown sugar vanilla bean pudding.

Chocolate peanut butter candy cake?

Or a spider webbish pumpkin ginger cake with salted maple glaze.

And if all else fails?  World peace cookies.

Can’t you see them sandwiched together with some orange-tinted buttercream?  I mean, whoa.  Scary good.

Here’s to a safe and happy spookday, pumpkins!

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7 Responses to Tricksy Treats

  1. kgro says:

    there was a matching clown that halloween.. where is she!? 🙁

    love the post. love YOU.

  2. Jennifer King says:

    Wow, you look so cute! You also look happier than I did when I had to wear a clown suit. 🙂

  3. JSmooth says:


  4. Le Citron says:

    Wow so many beautifull recipe… I can’t choose… I have had a costume like yours when i was young…

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