My Favorite Salads


It’s 2015!  Let’s let that sink in for a minute.

HOW has it been over 15 years since N*SYNC’s first album came out?  Jeez.  My youth.  Anyway, how were your holidays, friends?  Mine were filled with Maui-style sun and sand and fish tacos and new family, so all in all?  GREAT.

I’m back in Seattle now and haven’t had a piña colada in three days, which feels wrong, but that’s New Year’s for you, isn’t it?  Fresh starts and resolutions for all!  This year, my resolutions are about family (seeing more of mine) and travel (doing more of it) and dental floss (this last one seems self-explanatory, I think).  I’ve got a lot I’d like to do this year, but mostly I intend to be a kind, happy, healthy, involved and productive kind of person in 2015.  Hooray!

I didn’t mention eating more salad/greens, and that was intentional (because COME ON and also just chocolate), but I know this is the time of year to get into the veggies, and FINE, I’ll comply.  But not because you asked me to, internet.  …Because I want to.

So here, some of my favorite salads to make this time of year!

1. Citrus Beet Salad with Creamy Poppyseed Dressing


Now’s the time for citrus!  This one’s a no brainer.

2. Warm Truffled Mushroom Salad


Is this one really a salad?  (You might ask.)  What with the truffle oil, gorgonzola and FRIED SHALLOTS on top, it’s hard to say, really.  But yes, yes it is.

3. Kale, Coconut & Persimmon Salad


Can’t find persimmons?  Try mangoes instead!

4. Pink & Greens Salad


Roasted greens, tangy citrus, fresh herbs and quinoa.  Great for a cold and rainy day.  (So, like, every day in Seattle?)

5. Roasted Cauliflower & Chickpea Salad


This one comes together in a snap ON A SHEET PAN.  Just saying.

There’s plenty more where these came from, both on this site and the interwebs beyond (I’m loving the looks of this salad, this one, this gem and these beans), so I hope you get your health fix this January (and beyond).

Here’s to a bright new year ahead!

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  1. Julie says:

    Warm truffled mushroom salad looks amazingggggggggggg

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