I Think Thursday 9.10.15


Happy Thursday, all you peeps!  I’ve been remiss in my linkage of late, but here are some fun ones for your weekend:

  1. Remember those Baked Coconut Caramel Doughnuts?  #WeekendBrunch?
  2. Is this real life?
  3. Are you all caught up on the And Eat It Too podcast?  There’s a new episode up today!
  4. This made me laugh.
  5. A genius tip for making your favorite sack dress (and I DO love a good sack dress) more flattering.
  6. Science!  So cool.
  7. But like… this guy just really loves ribs, though.
  8. Hahaa this is pretty accurate.
  9. This looks SO GOOD.
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3 Responses to I Think Thursday 9.10.15

  1. #8 is super funny, despite the fact that some of those graphs made my brain hurt. I loved ‘Ages of People I can Date’.
    And by the way, Hi, I’m Kathryn. I don’t want to comment without a proper introduction…I’m old fashioned like that (hehe). I originally found you through the #drinkthesummer event. Have a great weekend.

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