I Think Thursday 8.31.17

Hello, September?  Is that you?  Yeah, you can come over — just bring a bit of sweater weather and some of your ripest tomatoes, mkay?

Here, some links for this Thursday:

  1. Might be time for Deb’s Plum Cake!
  2. During a week of extra shitty news, this is fantastic.
  3. Are you still into Hanson?
  4. As someone with a toddler, this is an interesting read.
  5. Wow, how surprising! …Said no woman ever.
  6. What’s that you say?  You want to buy the Sheet Pan Suppers e-book for under $2?  OKAY!
  7. #Glut
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One Response to I Think Thursday 8.31.17

  1. Sera says:

    That is my favorite cake! My plum tree didn’t produce as much this year so I’m going to have to go buy some plums. But I need this cake in my life!

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