I Think Thursday 8.13.15


Happy Thursday, peeps!  How’s your week?  Here are some thinking links for your weekend.

  1. Time to revive Octavia’s warm shrimp salad with cantaloupe and feta.
  2. The news isn’t all bad.
  3. Color me SKEPTICAL.
  4. Have you listened to the latest And Eat It Too! podcast episode yet?  You have?  You’re a PEACH.
  5. #shadeballs.
  6. I need to make more ice cream cake.
  7. hahahaah TOUCHÉ, New Yorker.
  8. From Ottolenghi to school lunch.
  9. 27 food stories no one needs to write again.
  10. The color of this drink!  Perfect.
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  1. Cindy says:

    Thanks for sharing, Molly!!

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