I Think Thursday 7.16.15


It’s #popsicleweek Thursday!  Here are your linky thinks for the weekend:

  1. SO MANY wonderful popsicles this year.  I love popsicle week!!
  2. How to judge a person by their ice cream choice. (Magnum double peanut butter 4 eva).
  3. Well, this is terrifying (and it’s all anyone here in Seattle can talk about).
  4. It’s really fun to see my high school classmate crushingggg the New York Times best-seller list!
  5. Rude.
  6. Amy + Tina = yesssss. (this actually looks pretty dumb but you know I’ll see it anyway).
  7. Hello, Pluto!
  8. I just thought you might like to be reminded that Lemon Cream Ice Cream exists and is delicious.
  9. First dates are hard.
  10. Amazon #PrimeDay fails.
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One Response to I Think Thursday 7.16.15

  1. #primedayfails are why I love the internet. Juuuust when you think you can’t stand one more second of internet commenters, you see a gem like this: “When I die I want whoever’s responsible for #AmazonPrimeDay to lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time.”

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