I Think Thursday 6.29.17

Hey! The long weekend is alllllmost here. Here are some links for your reading pleasure!

  1. I went strawberry picking last week, which can only mean Strawberry Not So Shortcake!
  2. Speaking of cake, this makes a lot of sense, actually.
  3. Haha.
  4. Is it weird that I’m sort of excited for this?
  5. Yikes! Am I the last person to know not to feed bread to ducks?!
  6. Is this real though?
  7. A really important article.
  8. Do you read Allison’s GBBO recaps?  They’re the BEST.
  9. Who knew there were so many options?! 😂
  10. I enjoyed reading this!
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One Response to I Think Thursday 6.29.17

  1. OMG. The childbirth article… that’s the scariest thing I’ve ever read (followed by the NPR article in mentions)… now I’m never going to have kids. :/

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