I Think Thursday 6.15.17

We’re well into June now!  The news continues to depress, so let’s get after some cheer with a few links for the week:

  1. Date. Shake. Popsicles!
  2. Every time, it’s so good.
  3. Whoaaa this pizza.
  4. I just really ❤️ Dorie Greenspan.
  5. This is kind of cute.
  6. Are you all caught up on AEIT? We’re up to 62 episodes!
  7. A lovely post, and some lovely looking waffles!
  8. If you want to save the ACA, this is helpful.
  9. Haha!
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One Response to I Think Thursday 6.15.17

  1. Thanks lady! <3. Also, I just had my first official date shake in Palm Springs a few weeks ago, and now I muuuuust make these pops!

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