I Think Thursday 4.20.17

Hello and happy Thursday, good people!  After a week of air travel and following a sick baby around with Purell wipes (viral conjunctivitis, hooray!), I’m happy to be back in this space and sharing some LINKS for the weekend:

  1. Thinking this Best Zucchini Bread is a good call just now.
  2. Kinda fun.
  3. Cute!
  4. My Lamb Meatballs from #OnePanAndDone are on Food52!  With spin-off recipes to take you through the week.
  5. I’ve been reading Joy for a long time, and love these posts of hers.
  6. Been really enjoying this site for great printed photos. The square print set is particularly fun.
  7. Would you try it?  I’m thinking I’ll pass.
  8. Well geez.
  9. Cutest crib sheets!
  10. How come I could watch this all day?
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