I Think Thursday 3.29.17

Here we are at Thursday again!  I hope you’re finding some joy this week.  Here, some links to help towards that end:

  1. Thinking ahead for Easter? Chocolate Spring Flower Cookies hit the mark.
  2. This is so lovely, and really hits home right now (via Joy the Baker).
  3. What IS umami?
  4. A super clear and simple sustainable fish guide!  Thank you, Mark Bittman. 🙌🏼
  5. Like we needed another reason to visit Paris
  6. This is SO GOOD though.
  7. Millenial pink, definitely a thing.  Into it or no?
  8. Allison Robicelli, crushing it since… I don’t know, for a long time ok?
  9. Hah.
  10. Cool, climate change… COOL.
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