I Think Thursday 3.23.17

Hey, friends!  I’ve got homemade BAGELS coming for you tomorrow, so check back soon, but here are some links for your week!

  1. Craving that Pink & Green Salad.
  2. I love Sesame Street.
  3. Aaaand again.  Can we just all live on Sesame Street?
  4. Phoebe made the Braised Chicken w Leeks and Tarragon from #onepananddone! Holla.
  5. This is my kind of bracket.
  6. Face palm.
  7. Excited to get my hands on Joy’s new book!
  8. Interesting.  Have you tried Whole 30?
  9. Hiplet! (Hip-LAY)
  10. LOVE THIS!  Have you entered Sarah’s giveaway?  You could win a copy of One Pan & Done!
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