I Think Thursday 12.7.17

Hi, friends!  Happy Thursday.  Has the country just spontaneously gone up into flames yet?  No?  Great.  I’m keeping myself (mostly) distracted from current events with thoughts of seeing friends and family this weekend, and also eating a boatload of holiday cookies.

Here, some links for you!

  1. Hannukah is next week! Let’s make LATKES!
  2. This made me lol.
  3. How to throw a dinner party without a kitchen table.
  4. These Onion headlines are just writing themselves these days, aren’t they?
  5. I mean I don’t NOT feel like this one is directed squarely at me? 😂
  6. Women aren’t ruining food.
  7. Disastrous consequences for public health” in exchange for lower taxes for private airplane owners doesn’t seem fair to me.  You?
  8. Yuuuuuum!
  9. Do you follow @zoebakes? I’ve been loving her IG stories lately!
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