I Think Thursday 12.21.17

Happy last Thursday before Christmas!  I’m hoping to get you at least one more cookie recipe for the big man comes down from the North Pole, but I’m notoriously bad at blogging so let’s see, shall we?

Here, some links for you!

  1. Looking for a delicious, make-ahead holiday meal? Truffle Mushroom Lasagna!
  2. Speaking of Truffle Mushroom Lasagna, I should mention that One Pan & Done (also Sheet Pan Suppers, obvs) make excellent holiday gifts! 😉
  3. Aretha sings Adele?  OKAY.
  4. A real cheese-tastrophy.
  5. I could watch this all daaaaaay.
  6. If Joy says bake, we bake.
  7. An important reminder.
  8. And this, too.
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