I Think Thursday 12.10.15


Happy almost weekend, peeps!  I’m writing this during the one hour that the skies over Seattle decided NOT to rain, so hallelujah and glory be.  Here are some fun links for your thinking caps!

  1. Currently craving: Spicy Molasses Brown Sugar Cookies!
  2. Small kitchens, by choice.
  3. I love Gina’s idea for this easy, homemade holiday gift!
  4. This is incredible.  And also probably not safe for work.  #sorrynotsorry
  5. There’s a new episode of And Eat It Too up today!  Check it.
  6. Bravo, Japan!  I mean, I think?
  7. The ultimate guide to holiday treats across the U.S. – so helpful!
  8. Who doesn’t love a good Hannukah parody/mashup?
  9. YUM, Tracy.  Yum.
  10. Why you bought that ugly sweater.
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2 Responses to I Think Thursday 12.10.15

  1. Kendall says:

    Oh, I am so happy I found more ideas for home-made Christmas gifts. I really want to do something by myself. Cooking, baking, whatever. I just can handle all these shopping centres and etc. Thanks for sharing the idea for bath salts. I will try this, too 🙂

    Happy Holidays,

  2. whitney says:

    Great links! I can’t imagine the small kitchens by choice though…mine is tiny and definitely not something I would wish on other people!

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