I Think Thursday 11.30.17

So, how was it?  The turkey and the stuffing and the family hugging/bickering?  Ours was big and loud and delicious, as per usual.  My team lost the family football game but I tried out a new pie recipe (and added toasted meringue) so, at the end of the day, everyone won.

Have you moved on to Christmas/Hannukah yet?  I admit I’ve been blasting the “happy holidays” Spotify station, and this weekend we’re planning to get our tree and dust off the ole menorah.  For now, here are some links for your day:

  1. It’s cookie season! Try these White Chocolate Gingerbread Blondies on for size.
  2. Must be some pretty good chicken.
  3. What do we do with the art of monstrous men?
  4. What every CEO knows but won’t tell you about the proposed tax bill.
  5. Most amazing pie artist of all time!
  6. Do you use Ebates? I’m finding it helpful, especially around the holidays. Free money!
  7. I’m thinking of giving this meal plan a try post-holidays – has anyone else tried it?
  8. Hahaha yes.
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2 Responses to I Think Thursday 11.30.17

  1. Anita says:

    Why the political links on a food blog?
    It’s kind of not what I came here for.. Like actors who tell you how to vote. Why not stick to your infectious joy of all things food?!

    • molly gilbert says:

      Hey Anita, thanks for your comment. Believe me, I’d love to just stick to food here (and I usually do try to keep it light, in general), but the current political climate has me so upset and fearful for the future that I feel compelled to use my one, tiny corner of the internet to speak my mind and share articles I think are important right now.

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