I Think Thursday 11.3.16


Happy Thursday, friends!  In good news, the election will be OVER in five days.  Glory be and hallelujah.  Can we not mess this one up, America?  #WithHer

In the meantime, here are some thinking links for your weekend:

  1. Time to make Apple Crumb Pie!
  2. I’m a sucker for some good a capella.
  3. Hahaa.
  4. Another new And Eat It Too podcast is up!  #chewthefat.
  5. SO FUNNY.  But also kind of sad?
  6. How helpful is this!?
  7. Such a feel good story!
  8. As if I needed a good reason to take it easy in yoga class…
  9. This music video is kind of great.
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One Response to I Think Thursday 11.3.16

  1. yes yes yes pentatonix (and if you’re into concerts, HIGHLY recommend seeing them live. so. good).

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