Emily & John


I owe you a recipe (doughnuts), and you’ve got a good one coming your way soon (doughnuts!), but when your little sister gets married over the weekend and it’s absolutely perfect and you make yourself sick with excitement, blog schedules get neglected.  It’s just a fact.


But!  We’ll make do.  Anyway, see how gorgeous it was?


Look at those flowers!  Gorgeous blooms for gorgeous maids (if I do say so myself.  I mean, I’m saying so.  Myself).

Emily married John.  They did it.  They’re happy and lucky in love.  Husband and wife!


I made the bride waffles for her wedding day breakfast.  They were the best I’ve ever made, but we were all jittery and boozy and covered in hairspray, so I didn’t get the chance to take a photo.  In any case, I used this recipe, and they were light, crispy, and wonderful.  Bride-approved.

Later that afternoon, John vowed to reach all the tall things, and Emily vowed to be on time (and when she can’t be, she vowed not to lie about how far away she really is).  They both vowed to love each other truly, wholly, unconditionally, for life.  The sun shone bright and crisp in Malvern, PA, and they were married.


As the sun started to set and the sky turned all shades of pink, we drank whiskey cocktails and ate shrimp and grits and slurped ice cream from a custom Little Baby’s cart.  We toasted my sister and new brother with champagne, and we danced like maniacs.  My dad wore blue suede shoes.  We gathered around the fire pit and sang along with the guitars.  We made s’mores.  Prize-winning horses frolicked in the distance.  I couldn’t even make this up.


As sisters, Emily, Casey and I look out for one another.  We’re by each other’s sides for the good times, and we’re there for the not-so-great times, too.  This weekend was a good time. Here’s to a lifetime of this kind of happiness — to waffles and dancing and sunshine and friends and family, new and old.


(First, fifth, sixth and seventh photos are courtesy of my talented cousin, Ben Fenton.  Second, third and fourth photos were taken by the father of the bride, @BruceRits.)

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16 Responses to Emily & John

  1. Nancy Wingo says:

    The most beautiful wedding, bride, mother of the bride, AND bridesmaids EVER!! Loved all of the toasts and your dad’s blue suede shoes. Making at least one of your awesome recipes tomorrow for a bridal shower I’m giving. Wish YOU were here to be both chef and guest…Loved chatting with you at the reception, you were just as wonderful as I’d heard and imagined. Thanks for your blog–it is a real pleasure when I see you ping into my in-box (except that you always make me hungry)!

  2. Maggie says:

    Seriously. Gorgeous wedding, and gorgeous people! And beautiful post! xox

  3. Deb says:

    Most fabulous and fun wedding ever! Loved being a part of it!

  4. EmilyZ says:

    Every part of this looks just beautiful. Congratulations to the happy couple!

  5. Jane Bursky says:

    I’m crying……..again. One of THE BEST weddings ever. Thank you for capturing it all, chef Molly. I love you and your entire family.

  6. KGro says:

    Incredible. Best wedding ever. Wonderfully perfect dedication by Molls! Lets do it again.

  7. Perri says:

    I have blog AND wedding envy. (I am just anticipating jealousy at my own wedding).

  8. Laura says:

    I’m crying too, Jane. This is beautiful – as expected. A perfect tribute to a perfect weekend. Love the bride and groom. And those maids are not bad either. Still in withdrawal xox

  9. Lissie says:

    Yet another magnificent post-wedding post, Molls. The day couldn’t have been more perfect, starting with those yummy waffles. We shared so much joy and love with so many beloved family members and friends. And what a magnificent bride, accompanied by such beautiful and adoring ‘maids. It was a day and evening that I will never forget and I will come back to your post again and again. Love you so, Molly!!!

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  11. Emily says:

    I just re-read this and it made me feel so happy and so blessed!
    Thanks for the lovely tribute, Molls, on top of everything else 🙂
    Lotsa love from both of us!

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