Death By…

Chocolate, duh. Or, more specifically, death of mini chocolate “cupcakes” by ferocious, mean-faced chocolate cupcake monster.

Don’t follow? It’s okay. Look:

This is my latest FCI-assigned chocolate project. The assignment was to design a chocolate showpiece that embodies this theme: if you were a creature or monster, what would you be?

This is me.

I’m calling it (me?) a “quarter-life cupcake crisis monster.” What do you think? Can you see the resemblance? Notice the swirly chocolate “frosting” – maybe brunette curls?

And these are my poor, delicious little chocolate victims:

It’s too bad they’re so adorable and delicious. Maybe if they weren’t made out of pure chocolate, I wouldn’t want to eat them.

…Yeah who am I kidding? Of course I would. I’m a pastry school student, for pete’s sake. Eating cupcakes is like, homework.

Life is really hard sometimes.

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  2. Jane says:

    i love chef molly…….
    amazing……simply amazing…

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