Happy Father’s Day!  To all the good Dads out there.  There are many, I know, but only one is mine.  And as far as I’m concerned, he’s the best.

My dad.  What a guy.  A man with his own baseball card, an occasional beard, and an avid following on the Twitter.  An excellent DJ.  The man who taught me how to eat a cupcake, crush a jump shot, whistle, jump into the Montauk pool, ride a bike, drive on the highway, and properly use the comma.  You know, all of the important things.

Bruce is my biggest supporter and fan.  The man obviously has taste.

Love you, Dadman!

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3 Responses to Dad

  1. jane bursky says:

    yup; he’s pretty awesome! Love you Bruce Gilbert, and chef Molly! xoxox

  2. Emily says:

    who is that striking young child in the baseball hat?

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