Autumn Redux

I fall for fall.
Same time every year, it seems,
Every old time.
Do you fall at fall-time?  I bet you do.
There’s cider and cocoa and cotton wool.
Firewood and firesides and fading sunlit breezes.  Boots, too.
Tall ones and short ones, stomp stomping, crunch crunching,
The deep and dusty leaves, all reds and mustards and ochres and sages,
And who says that has to get old, anyway?

It’s the first day of fall today.  Happy autumn!  Like most everyone else, it appears, I’m into this particular switching of seasons.  From shorts to tights, cotton to corduroy, peaches and berries to eggplant, apples, squash.

Here, a redux — some of my favorite cozy fall time recipes to remember as you swap your printed neon Toms for those earth-toned corduroy ones:

Try some roasted acorn squash and arugula, above.

Or chicken barley soup with kale.

Pumpkin ginger cake with salted maple glaze!

Mustard roasted potatoes & pears are the perfect compliment to any simple and hearty roast.

Don’t forget about cranberry oat ricotta muffins!  They make weekday mornings fun and bright.

This warm truffled mushroom salad.

Jane’s carrot potato soup!  A classic.

Give yourself a hug one weekend morning with these apple cinnamon breakfast rolls.  They’re the ooey-gooeyest.

Enjoy the season!  And don’t forget to take some time these next few months to do autumnish things: get outside, breathe good and deep, peep some leaves, wear a scarf, snuggle up, stop and smell the cinnamon.  All of it, it’s good for us.  Happy fall!

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