A Plan for Thanksgiving!

Halloween was cute and all, but it’s November now, which means the Super Bowl of food holidays is on the horizon – Thanksgiving, here we come!

I’m just here with a friendly reminder that, if you’re hosting or cooking this year, there are things you can do now to make your life easier in a few weeks.  If you have the time and freezer space, here are some things to get done this weekend:

  1. Make cranberry sauce!  Let it cool and then freeze it in a zip top bag.
  2. Pump out some pie dough!  Then form it into discs (or you can even roll it into 1/2-inch thin circles), wrap it tightly and freeze.  Even if you don’t know what kind(s) of pie you’ll make this year, you’ll be thankful the dough is donezo. (Although let’s be honest, it’ll probably be this and this. #classics)
  3. Make a batch of chicken or turkey stock.  Freeze in zip top bags or quart containers.  (You can use this to moisten your stuffing or to turn out a beautiful batch of Pumpkin Leek Soup.)

When you can break up all the beautiful work that is PFT (sorry, Planning For Thanksgiving), it doesn’t feel so much like work.  The point is to leave plenty of time to ENJOY the holiday.  We can do this!  Thanksgiving 2017!

I’ll check in a few times this month with more turkey day tips and tricks.  HAPPY NOVEMBER!



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  1. What is wrong with you — how in the world can we concentrate on your awesome recipes when you post pics of your adorable kid. Just kidding. So fun to see the pics — keep on sharing. Loved the Halloween pic on Instagram.

    If you don’t mind me asking — love the eggplant/chickpeas recipe in your first book. I’ve probably made it at least 10 times. I was thinking of making it (to kind of get an eggplan parm vibe minus all the cheese) but tweaking it and leaving out the beans this time. I love how the eggplant turns out all crispy without frying. I don’t think I would have to change it up??? I want to make it for dinner and my neighbor not a bean fan. I know, what! I would make some pasta to go along with it. Thx. (love your site and recipes!)

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