Won’t You?

Barbara’s eyes are blue as azure
But she’s in love with Freddy,
Karen’s sweet but Harry has her,
Gentle Jane is going steady.
Carol hates me, so does May,
Abigail will not be mine,
Nancy lives too far away…
Won’t you be my Valentine?

-Shel Silverstein

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2 Responses to Won’t You?

  1. BRG says:

    i miss my cupcake
    where has it gone
    i wish it were here
    at the wave of my wand

    we've been through a lot
    we were together 'til the end
    i was even there to help him
    when strangers ate his friends.

    i'm the one who gave him life
    he was created by my hands
    i dressed him up in sprinkles
    it was the cupcakes latest trend

    where could he be hiding
    i can't find him at all
    but wait i see a sprinkle trail
    leading down the hall

    i followed it with joy
    cause i thought i finally found him
    what i found was a murder
    what a ghastly awful sin

    i began to look for the killer
    but just couldn't find him
    i turned and saw a mirror
    there were crums upon my chin….

    – – some guy on the internet

  2. Casels says:

    that 天氣晴朗 is so darn wise.

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