I made you some videos!  And tried not to be too awkward.  It went okay.  Enjoy!

Spicy Brown Sugar Rosemary Cashews

Chocolate Bark:

Brie and Berries:

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  1. I’ve cooked for years and never quite experienced the magic of the sheet pan until now. Since I’m trying to change eating habits and need to save time, your book stepped up my game. Thanks Molly!

  2. very nice job on the video production Molly, very well produced, edited and delivered, plus informational. In fact I never knew about mixing nuts with egg whites prior to roasting, but ssheesh, didn’t you grow up listening/singing Christmas songs? I mean how is the reindeer line up not ingrained in your DNA?
    “there’s dasher and dancer,
    prancer and vixen,
    comet and cupid, donner and blitzen
    but do you recall…the most famous reindeer of all..?

  3. I saw your sheet pan shrimp & rice recipes in the All Recipes magazine and made them for both my book club and my family. (Big hit – btw) So..I ordered your Sheet Pan Suppers book and I am so excited to try some of the recipes. Thanks for explaining in your side boxes “Wait, What?” and “Teach me How” for those of us who are not culinary whiz kids. I will get your new cook book when it comes out next year!!
    Thanks ,

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