I Think Thursday 10.5.17

Hey, Thursday people.  Links for you!

  1. This has been, very clearly, a week for chocolate. Chocolate Stout Cake anyone?
  2. Speaking of chocolate, I’ve made this recipe (I turned it into muffins instead of a loaf) twice in the past 7 days.  No regrets.
  3. Turns out The Onion is real news now.
  4. Have you heard of “emotional labor?” This article is sparking some interesting and helpful conversations in my house.
  5. Do you know what La Croix means? It’s French for “Summer in a Can, Asshat.” 😂
  6. There’s a new #sheetpansuppers book out this week!  I didn’t write it, but it looks awesome.
  7. Joy seems to always know what to say and do.  Y’know?
  8. Remember when these people were in charge? #swoon
  9. Bravo, Jimmy Kimmel.
  10. Want gun safety? Here’s one way to help.
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Simple Homemade Chicken Stock

Now that the first week of fall is officially under our (cozy-sweater-and-boot-clad, pumpkin-spiced-everything) belts, I’m declaring it time for SOUP.

You know a good soup day when you see one — grey and a little blustery, maybe some damp chill settling in around midday (hey, Seattle, I see you).  Or maybe it’s clear and crunchy, with a pushy sort of wind that makes its way into your ears and leaves your nose good and pink?  SOUP DAY.

My brother-in-law doesn’t consider soup to be a real meal, which leads me to believe that either A: he is a real spoilsport,  or B: he’s just never had a good bowl of soup.  Or bisque or chowder or stew, for that matter.  My brother-in-law is pretty fun, in general, so I’m going with B.  Maybe he’s never made his own chicken stock.  Have you?

Making your own chicken stock is the kind of thing that sounds like a big deal, but in reality is absolutely not.  It’s actually on the simpler side of things, cooking-wise, and really takes your soup game to a new level.  I’m certainly not against a store-bought box of the stuff, but when I have the time and wherewithal, I love to make my own.

I like to take my time and make a day of it — there’s lots of hands-off time in stock-making, so it doesn’t really take up the whole day.  I buy a good chicken, raid the fridge for some veggie odds and ends, cover it all with water and then let the stove do the work.  After a few (again, very hands-off) hours, I’ve got a nicely poached chicken (with meat that I use for salads, tacos, chili, etc. etc. etc.) and a beautiful, rich broth to store in the freezer for months of soup to come.

It’s a very autumnal thing to do, come to think of it.  So what do you say?  Shall we make some stock?  Let soup season begin!

(Consider this part 3 of my seasonal “Whole Bird Cooking” series! In case you missed them, here are parts 1 and 2).

In partnership with Draper Valley Farms.  All opinions are my own.  Thanks for supporting the brands that support Dunk & Crumble! wait! there’s more…

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I Think Thursday 9.28.17

I spent the better part of this week recovering from a gnarly stomach bug, but I’m finally on the mend.  Thanks to Thursdays!  Here, some links for you:

  1. If you start makin’ em today, you can have homemade bagels in time to break the fast tomorrow! #YomKippur
  2. A long read but super interesting.
  3. When Twitter is used for something good, hah.
  5. Is this what dieting has come to? OH BOY.
  6. This looks cozy and spicy!
  7. The news/images from Puerto Rico are devastating – here’s how to help.
  8. People. Are. So. Dumb. ‍‍♀️
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I Think Thursday 9.21.17

Hi!  How’s your week going?  I’m fighting some kind of cold situation so that 👆🏼 is on my to make list.  Some Thursday links for you:

  1. It’s coming on stew season! Rich Beef Stew for days and days.
  2. Reading stuff like this really grounds me, somehow.
  3. Do you have an autumn baking list? This is going on mine!
  4. Written by a friend of mine. So important to share these stories.
  5. Some great ideas on this one pan/sheet pan train 🙌🏼
  6. Youth football — just say no.
  7. Fall!
  8. These look awesome.
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Classic Blueberry Muffins

At the beginning of September, as backpacks are filled and schedules are… filled (I excel at writing), everyone loves a good list.  I know I do.

As such, I herby present you with my (highly scientific, expertly curated) list of:

Things That Aren’t Actually So Bad About Summer Ending:

  1. It’s time to dip back into our really pretty great sweatshirt collection
  2. Hot coffee, extra splash of cream
  3. One Pot/Pan meals on repeat
  4. Foliage/leaf peeps
  5. Apple picking/pumpkin patch trips
  6. Elections!  Know your day to vote.
  7. We can stop wearing those “cold shoulder” tops. What even are those?
  8. Appropriateness of planning toddler Halloween costumes (sidenote, could use some input: garden gnome, fuzzy/non-fuzzy animal, or something else entirely? Might be important to say that my child looks a lot like a garden gnome, but also does a great fish impression.)
  9. Blueberry muffins as lunch treat and/or after school snack!

Number nine is taking center stage in my house this week.  There are still a few (a very few, maybe) good fresh blueberries to be found around these parts, but I also just unearthed a giant bag of frozen berries from earlier this summer (score!), and as such, some fresh, tender-crumbed muffins sounded like just the thing.

These are fluffy and dense with berries, with just a small hit of lemon zest throughout.  The tops are wonderfully sugar-crunch-capped, so particularly healthy they are probably not, but particularly delicious?  You bet.

wait! there’s more…

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I Think Thursday 9.14.17

Happy Thursday, everyone. I’ve got a new recipe coming at you tomorrow, just in time for your weekend breakfast baking endeavors.  In the meantime, here are this week’s links!

  1. Baked Coconut Caramel Doughnuts?  Okay.
  2. Such a class act. Hillary, forever and always.
  3. YES to this.
  4. Some of these are NUTS!
  5. This is heavy, but worth reading.
  6. This too.
  7. Joy made the one-pot meatballs & orzo from my cookbook, One Pan & Done!
  8. HAH.
  9. Get it, sister.
  10. So… it’s a vending machine?  Right?
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I Think Thursday 9.7.17

Heyo, Thursday.  Have some links, would ya?

  1. Homemade Chewy Granola Bars are where it’s aaaaaat.
  2. Not necessarily my dream cake scenario, but dang these are gorgeous.
  3. Like I needed a reason to support a chocolate company
  4. A list of social justice books for kids. Excited to check some of these out!
  5. Enjoyed reading this.
  6. A helpful and important read. #DACA
  7. Some gems in here.
  8. I heart everything Julia Turshen does.
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I Think Thursday 8.31.17

Hello, September?  Is that you?  Yeah, you can come over — just bring a bit of sweater weather and some of your ripest tomatoes, mkay?

Here, some links for this Thursday:

  1. Might be time for Deb’s Plum Cake!
  2. During a week of extra shitty news, this is fantastic.
  3. Are you still into Hanson?
  4. As someone with a toddler, this is an interesting read.
  5. Wow, how surprising! …Said no woman ever.
  6. What’s that you say?  You want to buy the Sheet Pan Suppers e-book for under $2?  OKAY!
  7. #Glut
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Creamy Mint Chip Ice Cream

Have you made your own ice cream yet this summer?  Fall is starting to creep up on us — darker evenings, more back to school sales, fewer sweat-through-your-shirt days — but there’s still time!

We’ll embrace knitwear/closed-toe booties and hot coffee soon enough, but now’s the time to savor a few things (not necessarily in this order):

  1. Tomatoes with olive oil and crunchy salt
  2. Dresses and bare legs
  3. Screen doors
  4. Sprinklers/ankle-dips in the lake/wading pools
  5. Homemade mint chip ice cream

Let’s talk about number five.

My friend Sarah introduced me to this particular mint ice cream — I was visiting her newly built cabin up on Lopez Island, and I had just put Calder down to sleep.  I sat on the couch and she handed me a bowl of homemade mint chip ice cream.  It was cold and perfectly creamy, studded with chopped Andes mints (how underrated are Andes mints, btw?!), and between the new-cabin-wood-smell, the salty island air and the fact that my child was sleeping soundly a few rooms away, it was, quite possibly, one of my favorite ice cream experiences to date.

You can have it too!  It turns out that this treat is on the simpler side to make.  It uses mint extract instead of fresh mint leaves (I know, I was skeptical too), eggs, and healthy amounts of half-and-half and heavy cream (among other things – see below). It makes a lot of ice cream, and a bowl piled high with the cool and creamy, chocolate chunk-laden stuff is a true delight, even without the smell of fresh wood or ocean air (or the relief that comes with the knowledge that your kid is finally – finally! – asleep).

It’s still summer!  More ice cream, please.

Creamy Mint Chip Ice Cream wait! there’s more…

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