Pumpkin Chocolate Icebox Cake


Happy virtual pumpkin party Monday!

So, yeah.  I may have gone too literal here.  I didn’t originally intend to shape this softly-spiced pumpkin chocolate icebox cake like an actual pumpkin, but I started frosting and stacking and frosting and stacking and before I knew it, there it was.  A mound of cocoa-y chocolate wafers and fluffy, pumpkin whipped cream, begging for a jagged chocolate “stem” and a curly vine of carefully plucked sprinkles.


I couldn’t resist.

My dad is the original icebox cake maker in my family.  He makes one every year on Thanksgiving (along with a giant, multicolored layered jello mold — #midwesternforever), and it’s always the first dessert on the table to go.  Probably because it tastes like a giant, cool-whip ensconced Oreo cookie?

Yeah.  Ensconced.


I wanted to up the ante a little bit here.  Real, fresh cream, whipped to soft peaks.  Roasted pumpkin purée and warm spices.  The original chocolate wafer cookie.  In the shape of a pumpkin, WHYNOT?

It’s just my contribution to the giant, blogger-wide effort (lead by the fearless Sara and Aimee) to saturate the interwebs with all things pumpkin today.  Which, by the way, is working.  Check it:

wait! there’s more…

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I Think Thursday 10.20.16


Happy Thursday, lovelies!  I hope your week is going well.  I’ve been busy chatting about my new book to anyone who will listen, experimenting with some pumpkin things (coming here soon), holding my breath/feeding my son his first lick of peanut butter (!), and massaging my left arm where a flu shot left it sore AF.  Busy busy.

Here are a few links for your (almost) weekend!

  1. Not sure what to make for dinner?  How about Butternut, Spinach & Chickpea Red Curry with Chicken.
  2. Proud of these guys at my alma mater.
  3. Feel like going bananas?  Check out the new And Eat It Too episode!
  4. Is this a real thing?  Should we try it?!
  5. Because I just can’t look away from these debates… (#ImwithHer)
  6. Finally, a news article that doesn’t make me weep for humanity.
  7. Love this.
  8. A salad I’d love to eat.
  9. A fun list!  How many have you read?
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One Pan & Done!

Hi friends!  I’ve been starting and restarting this post for awhile now, trying to figure out the best way to tell you, so maybe I should just tell you?

…I wrote another cookbook!


It’s called One Pan & Done, and I really (really, really!) hope you like it.


Check out that cover!

I couldn’t be prouder of this book baby.  It’s all about cooking with ease and simplicity, making delicious and do-able meals, whether you’re a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, with just ONE pot or pan.  For maximal flavor with minimal fuss!  (Is maximal a word?  I’m going with it.)

Aside from getting to work on the kinds of recipes that I just love to cook, I got to work with the beautiful and oh-so-talented Aran Goyoaga (of Cannelle et Vanille) on the photographs, and I was pretty much starstruck for the entire shoot, which was totally fun (and also probably awkward for her – sorry, Aran.)  I was also lucky enough to have Jenn Elliott Blake help with styling, so pretty much just the dream team?



(Here I am smiling at my baked potatoes, like a normal person)

One Pan & Done is set for release on February 7th, 2017 (although you can preorder it here, here and here!) and I can’t wait to get it into your cute kitchen mitts.

Stay tuned for more updates as pub date draws nearer… and in the meantime, dust off your sheet pans, cast iron skillets, Dutch ovens, baking dishes, and muffin tins, because I’m coming for ya!

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October Baking


With Halloween around the corner (not to mention the upcoming election, the thought of which makes me want to stress-eat a bunch of cookies like whoa), it’s time to get BAKING!  We’ll use all the pumpkin.  All the miniature candy bars.  The future of America depends on us!

IMG_3689Baked Cinnamon Sugared Pumpkin Doughnuts are a big YES.


Owl Cakes!  Need I say more?

IMG_2020A loaf of Carrot Bread is always appreciated.


How about some ooey gooey goodness?  Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Rolls deliver the goods.IMG_0398

What’s that?  Did you say Pumpkin Ginger Cake with Salted Maple Glaze?  YUP YUP YUP.


While we’re on the pumpkin train, let’s keep riding.  Pumpkin Mousse Anyone?

‘Tis the season, people.  We need treats.  Happy baking!

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I Think Thursday 10.13.16


It’s Thursday again!  And we are barreling towards the holidays – how did that happen so quickly?  Let’s get linky:

  1. Spicy Sautéed Kale with Tofu sounds like a good dinner tonight.
  2. Aaaaadorable.
  3. I mean
  4. There’s a new episode of And Eat It Too up today!  Check it.
  5. Whoa.
  6. When do you worry about a picky eater?
  7. An amazing Instagram feed.
  8. Boy am I going to miss these guys.
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I Think Thursday 9.29.16


This week’s links of the day du jour!  😳

  1. I’d put this one away for the summer, but these Creamy Maple Steel Cut Oats are breakfast perfection this time of year.
  2. Anyone else still reeling from Monday’s debate? This recap is pretty perfect.
  3. I mean, I like bread as much as the next non-celiac, but YEESH.
  4. HAHAH.
  5. WHOA Tracy.  Yes.
  6. Sorry to harp on the political landscape, but I just can’t resist.
  7. It’s an exciting time for cookbooks!
  8. Made me laugh.
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Pesto Pasta Salad with Slow Roasted Tomatoes


Hello, friends!  Fall has come to Seattle in all its glory, and I find myself invigorated by the crisp, sunny days, fire-colored trees, early sunsets, and ample opportunity to pumpkin spice just about everything (not sorry… well, ok, a little bit sorry.)  Still, there are pieces of summer that seem to be holding on tight – as evidenced by the (still!) exploding tomato plants in my backyard – and I’m fine with that, too.

September always feels a bit in-between-ish to me – the sun hasn’t yet given way to the dark, misty drizzle of true Seattle winter, but days are shorter, new routines are starting, and everyone seems to be hunkering down for the season – which, at least in my case, means getting back into the kitchen.  It feels time to stock the freezer with easy meals (this and this come to mind), time to bake too many cookies (I’ve got my eyes on these ones, next), that first can of pumpkin to use up (always a good choice), and all those tomatoes!  They want to be roasted.


A big batch of puckered, candy-sweet, roasted tomatoes can (should!) be covered with olive oil and stored in the fridge, to use in myriad forms of deliciousness – eaten straight up, smushed over a hunk of crusty bread, maybe, or tossed into a frittata or scrambled eggs, layered in a veggie lasagna, or thrown into a quick pasta, either hot or cold.  Maybe with fresh pesto, tangy olives, creamy cheese and sharp arugula?  Yes, yes, yes and yes.  As the air cools and days shorten around us, we’ll be happy to have these sweet, juicy remnants of summer at our fingertips.



wait! there’s more…

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I Think Thursday 9.22.16


Happy first day of fall!  It’s my favorite.  Bring on the cozy sweaters, steaming mug drinks, crunchy leaves and cheese-laden dinners. (#basic #sorrynotsorry).

Also, the links!  For you, dear friends:

  1. Full on soup season!  Get into it with some Leek & Fairytale Pumpkin Soup.
  2. GET CUTER, Ina and Jeffrey.
  3. I’m pretty into this (see above re: cheese-laden meals.)
  4. Must be nice! #upgrade
  5. Too much?  Or just enough?
  6. Hehe.
  7. 15 Career Tips from Smart Women.
  8. #ExpectoPatronum (Mine is a dolphin!)
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I Think Thursday 9.15.16

IMG_2743I’ve been remiss with the links.  Let’s get back into it!

  1. School (and work) lunches have arrived!  Cherry Cashew Sesame Bars should do it.
  2. What a great blow to humanity.
  3. Maple Bacon Cinnamon Roll Cake?  Yes, Joy, yes.
  4. This is cool.
  5. I love picking up this Perfect Protein Salad for lunch from the grocery store down the street – I’m so glad that Megan found the recipe!
  6. How pretty are these?
  7. Made me laugh.
  8. I’d like to do Paris the way Ina does Paris, yes I would.
  9. HAH.
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