I Think Thursday 6.11.15


Happy day!  It’s Thursday and I have some links for you!  Enjoy, friends.

  1. Great news!  It’s getting hot enough for WATERMELON LIMESICLES!
  2. Did you watch the Tony Awards on Sunday?  This performance blew me away.
  3. Last week was National Doughnut Day, and the internet BLEW UP.  In a good way.
  4. This is pretty mesmerizing.
  5. Made me laugh.
  6. As we dive into summer produce, I thought you might be interested to learn about the “Dirty Dozen” (and the “Clean Fifteen!”)
  7. I met Nicole a few weeks ago at a QVC training, and she and I just clicked.  I love her adorable videos!
  8. My Gramma is famous!! #GrammaInez #SousChef
  9. Amy Schumer continues being hilarious.
  10. Yuppie + Hipster = Yuccie?  Am I one?
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Brown Butter Skillet Cornbread


I made us cornbread!

I actually made it a few weeks ago, but I never got around to telling you about it and at this point I’ve eaten it all, but now that the temperature has dropped below 80 in Seattle, it might be time to bake up a new batch.  I think you’ll like it.


I also think you’d like our house, which boasts an entirely barren upstairs floor but a downstairs that’s coming along just fine.  I wish I could have you over for breakfast!  We’d eat cornbread and honey and maybe some fruit salad, too.  We could pick our own strawberries and mint from the backyard!  We’d stoop low to pluck the small green leaves and the tiny, ruby things and we’d say hi to the spiders who keep watch over the garden.  They still make me jump, but I’ve learned to appreciate those spiders.  Kind of.

wait! there’s more…

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I Think Thursday 6.4.15


Happy Thursday, friends!  I feel like this week has been kind of a doozy.  Let’s get lost in some links.  Your thinking links to start the month!

  1. Def revisiting that Waffled French Toast up there for brunch this weekend.  Just saying.
  2. Balloon animal art is a thing and it’s awesome!
  3. There’s a fun roundup of recipes from #SheetPanSuppers over on Sunday Supper Movement
  4. SO excited for this sequel (prequel?). #yousmelllikeburger
  5. Well, this is disappointing.
  6. Legs of Instagram!  Three cheers for body positive art.
  7. This is a cute story (and an amazing photo, too!)
  8. That time I was on QVC and did the happy dance.
  9. 100 years of fashion in 2 minutes.
  10. Sticky apricot basil chicken thighs??  Yes please.
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Simple Greek Chopped Salad


Oh hi, June!  It’s lovely to see you.

Except everyone is talking about how Mercury is in retrograde, which essentially means that things are getting WEIRD and ANNOYING around here.  Now, I’m not usually one to buy what the stars are selling me, but I’m having trouble shrugging this one off, mainly because of all of the WEIRD and ANNOYING stuff that the universe seems to be throwing my way.  I won’t harp on most of it because nothing is really all that consequential – in fact, I was ready to give Mercury the benefit of the doubt and send it on its merry (if retrograded) way – but then my freezer up and stopped working for a hot sec (except it was many hot seconds, hours even), thawing everything in it to a nice, soupy mush, for no apparent reason whatsoever.  BAH!  Mercury, you salty asshat.

Normally I’d take solace for this annoyance in a pint of ice cream, but that doesn’t seem to be an option just now.  (#IceCreamSoup).


On the bright side, I’m eating more salad.

wait! there’s more…

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I Think Thursday 5.28.15


Hello, Thursday!  Here are this week’s links for you:

  1. It’s coming on time for jumbleberry pie!
  2. There’s a Point Break remake on the horizon? ARE YOU SERIOUS? #JohnnyUtah
  3. Not Gen X, and not Millenials.  Generation Catalano?
  4. The real shelf life of pantry items (hashtag time to toss that pumpkin pie spice).
  5. Super interesting (short) documentary about WWII, war and peace.
  6. Tim Tam Pavlova!  Is this real life?
  7. The 17 worst company logos ever invented.
  8. If guy friends vacationed like girl friends.
  9. How rich would you be if you’d invested instead of having a wedding?  I don’t even want to know.
  10. Mindy Kaling & B.J. Novak – the book!  (Kelly & Ryan 4eva).
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Gram’s Famous Sesame Cole Slaw

Long weekend!  We need slaw!


Because it’s slaw good, yo.  (Sorry.)

Ben and I recently purchased our first grill (just the next step in our semi-suburbanization, yikes) and since then (aka last week) we’ve grilled approximately a thousand burgers.  And brats.  And hotdogs.  Because HOW GOOD are hotdogs though?  Also Cheetos.

I mean.  It’s been a rough (read: FATTY) couple of weeks over here.  But check out this slaw!  If you serve slaw with a side of hotdogs and/or Cheetos, is that really so bad?

wait! there’s more…

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I Think Thursday 5.20.15


Thursday Thursday Thursday!  We meet yet again.  I hope these links distract you from the radio silence up around these parts – but not to worry, I’ve got a recipe coming for you tomorrow!  But for now, LINKS:

  1. Remember those chunky peanut butter brownies up there?  I think it’s time for a redux.
  2. U.S. Presidents, in order of hotness.
  3. This cake!  I want it.
  4. So long, David Letterman!
  5. Special episode alert!! Listen in TOMORROW for a bonus episode of the And Eat It Too Podcast, with guests Matthew and Molly from Spilled Milk!
  6. I just finished this book – by a former high school classmate of mine! – couldn’t put it down.
  7. Find out what your name would be if you were born today… Apparently, I’d be Kinsley. #isthatarealname
  8. New T. Swift video!  What are the kids saying these days?  Sorry not sorry?  That.
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I Think Thursday 5.14.15


It’s Thursday, yet again!  I’ve been working on a few recipes for you – I want to make sure they’re DANG GOOD before they get posted, so thanks for your patience.  Here are you links for the week:

  1. Cindy made my Greens & Eggs & Ham from #sheetpansuppers!  Holla atcha!
  2. Two medieval monks invent dinner parties.  This is so good.
  3. The voyeur in me loves to see other people’s unforgettable wedding moments.
  4. What’s the deal with MATCHA, anyway?
  5. It’s true, I ❤️ my smartphone.  Shoot.
  6. Have you read this book?  I just started it but I’m obsessed.
  7. Would you try eating szechuan buttons?  Also, is this really going to become a thing?
  8. There’s a new episode of the And Eat It Too Podcast going up tomorrow!! We’re chatting about clams and happiness.
  9. Where art & gummy bears collide.
  10. Keep it together, toddlers!
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I Think Thursday 5.7.15


Happy Thursday, all!  Here are the first links of May:

  1. I just wish ducks would stop falling into storm drains in New Jersey.
  2. This Dad gives his 4-year-old super powers, and basically wins at Dadding.
  3. NEW EPISODE ALERT! Did you check out ep. 10 of The And Eat It Too Podcast?
  4. Lauren Hill performs a perfect acoustic version of “Doo Wop (That Thing)” on her couch.  Yep.  Still got it.
  5. Handwritten recipes are windows into the past, and I love them.
  6. This weekend is Mother’s Day! You’re going to need some brunch-spiration.
  7. I was so honored to be a guest on the Tiffany Han podcast, Raise Your Hand Say Yes! Check out the episode.
  8. When Joy tells you to make chocolate buttercream, you LISTEN.
  9. The difference between living in NYC and SF.
  10. The cereal personality test.  Reese’s Puffs ALL DAY.
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Strawberry Lilac Pavlovas


Happy Monday, friends, and May the 4th be with you!  Today I’m just bursting with bright, springtime bloominess (not a word but should be) because there’s an Edible Flower Potluck petaling up (also not a thing) the interwebs!

This gorgeous, flower-filled potluck started with Renee (as lots of good things do), and I have to say, I’m not sure a more beautiful (if virtual) potluck ever existed.  Just look at all of these gems!



wait! there’s more…

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