I Think Thursday 1.7.16


Happy January, my friendly friends!  I feel like the first post of the new year should be decidedly EXCELLENT, but in a surprising turn of events, I’m just setting you up with a bunch of fun links!

Admittedly, I’ve got a lot going on at the moment — baking a baby, baking a new book (yay! more on that to come), and dealing with some house renovations to boot.  Needless to say, new recipes for this space might be few and far between in the near future.  But I hope you’ll stick with me!  I’ll do my best to post new content, keep you updated on life events and, as always, hook you up with LINKS:

  1. Currently craving that Citrus Beet Salad with Creamy Poppyseed Dressing.
  2. Yes I’d like a gilded doughnut please.  (But like, whaaaat?)
  3. Link between potato chip consumption and higher scores in math?  Sure.
  4. YUM Ileana!
  5. Seinfeld + Obama = YEP.
  6. Speaking of Obama… HAH.
  7. It’s not my birthday, but I think I need this.
  8. Thoroughly enjoy this headline.
  9. Pretty planners for a new year!
  10. I’m excited to read this.
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I Think Thursday 12.24.15


Happy almost Christmas Thursday!  Creatures are still stirring, at least in my house — there are gifts to wrap and cookies to bake and Miracles on 34th Street to watch…

And links!  Links to be linked and enjoyed.  Merry Christmas, all!

  1. Want something fun and last-minute-easy to sweeten your holiday?  Chocolate Candy Bark!
  2. #squadgoals
  3. There’s a new episode of And Eat It Too up today!
  4. Chocolate Christmas tree goals.
  5. I want these!
  6. Wine myths, debunked.
  7. Seattle people!  This is your new favorite ice cream.  I tried my first scoop (okay, pint) this week and HOLY CHRISTMAS it’s the best.
  8. Cute idea for a last-minute holiday gift (and their teas are fantastic, I’ve tried a few blends!)
  9. Air travel accuracy.
  10. Sorry for the Tina Fey overload, but this is SO GOOD.
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I Think Thursday 12.17.15


Thanks so much for all of the well wishes on my last post!  It’s a relief and a half to have you all in on the baby news.  Now, let’s get to the links of the week!

  1. Christmas gingerbread!  Make this and be happy.
  2. Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and the cast of the new Star Wars = perfection.
  3. So long, Le Cordon Bleu USA…
  4. I meeeeean this cake!
  5. Deb’s best edible gifts – I’d take any and all of these treats.
  6. Who DID get tickets to see Adele, anyway?
  7. I love a good spritz (“shpritz”) cookie.
  8. Haha.
  9. Looking for a last minute holiday gift?  I hear this book is a pretty good read. #shameless
  10. This seems like a good idea.
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Chocolate Candy Cane Crackles


Hi!  It’s me.  You know, the one who used to post lots of recipes up here?  New ones, with photos and everything?  Face full of cookie dough, and frizzy hair for days?  YES, hi!

So.  Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve been a little less forthcoming with the new content these past few months.  (Or maybe you’ve been so dazzled by my “I Think Thursday” links that you haven’t noticed?  That’s cool, too).  Don’t worry, I haven’t been kidnapped by wolves or persuaded to join Scientology or even just trapped under something heavy.  No, I’ve just been slightly… pregnant.  With a baby.  At least, as far as I can tell.

(Can I just take a small minute here to say “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”?)


So, yeah.  BABY!  I’ve been trying to come up with a fun way to lay that news on you, but I’m not really one for cutesy baking metaphors/reveals (plus I’m a bit on the superstitious side), so there you go.  Ben and I are over the moon excited and can’t wait to welcome our little nugget (whose gender will be a surprise) in early March!

Aside from not knowing how exactly to tell you guys and dealing with a bit of a rough pregnancy (it’s totally NOT all glow-y and guilt-free-doughnut-binge-y, I’m sad to say), I’ve been working my ever-growing tail off to hit some deadlines for upcoming projects and dealing with an upended, construction-zone kitchen these past few weeks so, suffice it to say, new recipe development has made a poor showing around these parts.  But!


Today we have cookies, and that’s a good thing.  They’re soft, chocolate-y, and crisp-crackled with sugar and candy canes.  Bake them, share them, or just eat them standing over the sink while your growing baby bump gets in the way of EVERYTHING.  Oh, that last part’s just me?  Right.  Cool.

Happy baking, my friends!  xo.


wait! there’s more…

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I Think Thursday 12.10.15


Happy almost weekend, peeps!  I’m writing this during the one hour that the skies over Seattle decided NOT to rain, so hallelujah and glory be.  Here are some fun links for your thinking caps!

  1. Currently craving: Spicy Molasses Brown Sugar Cookies!
  2. Small kitchens, by choice.
  3. I love Gina’s idea for this easy, homemade holiday gift!
  4. This is incredible.  And also probably not safe for work.  #sorrynotsorry
  5. There’s a new episode of And Eat It Too up today!  Check it.
  6. Bravo, Japan!  I mean, I think?
  7. The ultimate guide to holiday treats across the U.S. – so helpful!
  8. Who doesn’t love a good Hannukah parody/mashup?
  9. YUM, Tracy.  Yum.
  10. Why you bought that ugly sweater.
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I Think Thursday 12.3.15


It’s the last month of the year!  Let’s make the most of it, with cookie swaps and twinkle lights and LINKS, galore:

  1. Time to make LATKES!
  2. How to hang Xmas lights – a handy guide!
  3. Lin-Manual Miranda is SO TALENTED.
  4. United states of pop!  Fun.
  5. The little booty shake move here kills me.
  6. Yet another shooting yesterday.  When do we decide this is unacceptable?
  7. I love the look of Amber’s simple spice cookies!
  8. 18 rude texts from your anxiety.  Hah.
  9. Oh dear.
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I Think Thanksgiving Thursday 11.26.15


Happy Thanksgiving Thursday!  I am thankful for YOU.  Really truly.

Let’s take a deep breath and remember not to panic today – after all, it’s just pie on a Thursday!  And potatoes and cranberry sauce and turkey, probably.  But whatever it is you’re up to, whether you’re hanging with friends or family or your cat and the couch, at the very least, we have links.  Hope these make you smile:

  1. Need a light snack before your big feast today?  Ben’s Berry Smoothie.
  2. A Thanksgiving (Adele) Miracle.
  3. There’s a new episode of the AEIT Podcast up today!
  4. Thanksgiving flight patterns.  Interesting!
  5. Hah.
  6. When people are engaged, they hang out under trees.”
  7. More Adele (plus Jimmy Fallon and the Roots) because obviously.
  8. What the English really ate on the first Thanksgiving.
  9. Need a fun distraction today?  Thanksgiving puzzles!
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Thanksgiving Recipes + Wine


It’s the Monday before Thanksgiving.  Do you know where your gravy boats are?

…The Superbowl/World Cup/Puppy Bowl of food holidays is finally here, people, and GOSH if we’re not ready to eat/win/use a bunch of ill-themed metaphors/multiple backslashes to emphasize our excitement.

So, are you ready?  Did you order your bird?  Restock your baking drawer?  Dust off that one nice serving platter you have but never use because it’s a pain to wash?



And if you haven’t spent hours, days or even months preparing for Thursday (because maybe you’re a normal person who doesn’t spreadsheet out her menu and grocery assignments? Cool, whatever), not to worry!  I’m here to share my favorite, classic, won’t-take-all-your-time-and-energy-but-will-please-everyone Thanksgiving recipes.

And even better?  My friend Caroline from Chardonnay Moi has provided fun and thoughtful wine pairings for each dish!  My advice to you, friends, is to get cooking and drinking, stat:

wait! there’s more…

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I Think Thursday 11.19.15


Happy linking Thursday, friends!  We have exactly ONE WEEK until (turkey) liftoff, so get that link lookin’ in while you can:

  1. Just wanted to remind you about that Cran-Raspberry Pie we made that one time.
  2. Chris Kimball is leaving ATK!  End of an era.  Will miss that guy and his bow-ties.
  3. Full fledged turkey guide, just in time!
  4. 10 ways to dress up your Turkey Day table on the cheaps.
  5. I just love Missy.
  6. Heartbreaking.  (I try to keep it light here but I feel like this has to be seen.)
  7. I’ve made this cheesecake for Thanksgiving for the past 3 years and it’s fantastic.
  8. Many ways to make your pies more beautiful.
  9. I like Kristen’s take on this simple yet crowd-pleasing side dish.  Yes to pomegranate seeds!
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I Think Thursday 11.12.15


It’s Thursday, November 12th!  And I’m trying not to be depressed about the fact that it’s now pitch black at 4:30pm around these parts.  Let’s check some fun links!

  1. It’s Pears in Prosciutto season – get sheet panning!
  2. The original was perfection, but these new Alanis lyrics are prettyyyyy good too.
  3. This pie looks like a contender.
  4. A handy guide to help convert recipes from cups to weights (if that’s your thing).
  5. I’m a milk chocolate gal, so it sounds like I need to get my face to Ireland.
  6. Cutest ever reaction to Adele’s new jam.
  7. Want to go to Mars?  (Me neither.)
  8. 43 best cabin getaways in the west.
  9. Seattle folk – WHO’S COMING WITH ME?
  10. Made me laugh.
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