I Think Thursday 4.9.15


Happy Thursday, pals!  This week has been full of furniture arranging (and rearranging) and sunshine and miniature cadbury eggs.  How about you?  Here are this week’s thinking links:

  1. This time of year, I want to snap up all of the early strawberries. We can make a sour cream & fresh strawberry pie!
  2. Is there actually anyone cooler than Michelle Obama?
  3. The Splendid Table did a little piece on Sheet Pan Suppers!
  4. This headline.  It’s SO GOOD.
  5. Some good self defense moves up in here.
  6. A small glimpse into life as an astronaut.  So cool.
  7. Ravioli or baby stingrays?
  8. Should you go to culinary school?  Worth a read.
  9. Such amazing photos.


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Cutest Macaroon Easter Nests


I’ve been so preoccupied with dealing with all of the boxes in our house (the boxes, my god, the boxes! Let it be known that moving is just a lesson in setting up/breaking down boxes,) and lamenting the fact that, due to said boxes (and the chaotic state of our new home, in general), it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to pull off a Seder for Passover this year, I almost forgot that it’s Easter weekend, too!



My lovely in-laws are hosting Easter on Sunday and, because they know what’s what, they’ve put me in charge of dessert.  I had big plans to make Deb’s raspberry macaroons and maybe even a flourless chocolate cake in a nod to the (begrudgingly neglected, by me) Passover holiday, but then I saw these little munchkins on Martha Stewart’s instagram and that was that.


I mean, HOW CUTE are these guys?



IMG_5020The facts: they only use 4 ingredients (plus a bit of chocolate and mini eggs, for decorating).  They take less than 30 minutes to bake.  They are a bonafide excuse to buy a big bag of miniature chocolate easter eggs.


So WHAT are you waiting for?  Easter weekend baking project — begin!


wait! there’s more…

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I Think Thursday 4.2.15


It’s the first Thursday in our new house!  And it feels amazing.  I’ll try and post some pictures soon, if you’re interested.  In the meantime, here are your weekly thinking links:

  1. Passover starts tonight!  Get your fix of Flourless Chocolate Cake.
  2. Speaking of, I totally thought this headline was an April Fool’s joke?  (Slash I still can’t tell if it’s real?  HELP.)
  3. Never buy a rotten avocado again.
  4. Pure genius.
  5. Rain art in Seattle!
  6. I DO love a good mash-up.
  7. Have you ever tried to make hard boiled eggs this way?  I’m skeptical but I want to give it a go.
  8. 100 years of beauty in 1 minute – I think my fave is 1910!
  9. Remember when we threw our friend Emily a virtual baby shower?  (That was Monday).  Make sure to check out all of the amazing dishes here!
  10. The best prints for your kitchen walls.
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Pink Grapefruit Sparklers for The Pig & Quill (& Piglet!)


So I know that Stranger Danger is real and the world wide web can be a pretty scary place, but I have to go on record and say it: internet friends are just really great.

Having a blog is a weird thing.  You put things out there in a pretty public way, not knowing who (if anyone) is actually reading your junk (besides your Dad… hi, Dad!), and it can feel so daunting when you consider that there are approximately one bajillion other food blogs out there, but it’s all in the way you look at it, isn’t it?  Because on the one hand there are a bajillion other bloggers out there making grapefruit cocktails and what makes YOU so special, anyway?  But on the other hand, there are a bajillion other bloggers out there doing what you do, and liking what you like, and writing and cooking and CREATING, and how great a community is that to be a part of?


It’s taken me awhile to find my voice and place in the whole bloggy world (and I’m not entirely convinced I’ve got anything at all figured out), but I’ve absolutely loved getting to know other bloggers throughout the process.  Food blogger friends are the Bees Knees.  For so many reasons, but mostly because they don’t judge you when you do bizarre things like cut little hearts in your banana bread or give cutesy and redundant names to the muffins you just baked.  They make Twitter and Instagram infinitely more interesting, and they don’t even mind when you show up to a party (virtual or otherwise) with a cake that’s missing a slice because you had to photograph it (obvs).

I can’t remember where I first met Emily of The Pig & Quill, but damn if I’m not glad that I did.  Girl is one of the funniest and most creative blargers out there, the kind of lady who isn’t afraid to make fried hotdog sandwiches or Hawaiian street corn with SPAM or talk about the trials/tribulations of being a stroller-seeking parent blogger AND vegan chili in the same post.  Plus she’s the kind of person who totes loves abbrevs, which I can def appreesh.


And she’s having a baby girl!  Who is pretty much guaranteed to be adorable and enjoy pork.  So, in honor of this soon-to-be little muffin:

HAPPY SURPRISE BABY SHOWER, EM!  Wishing you a happy and healthy little piglet.  I made you pink grapefruit sparklers because they’re cute and pink and I wanted to drink one.  Also they’re available in both champagne-aholic and nonalcoholic versions, so everyone wins! #champagne.

Check out all of the other #EmsPigletParty goodies here:

Here’s to good buddies of the interwebs.  Cheers!

wait! there’s more…

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I Think Thursday 3.26.15

IMG_2684 Happy Thursday, friends!  Your thinking links this week:

  1. It’s rhubarb season!  Roast some!
  2. This invention is pretty cool.
  3. Seriously, though, Free Willy.
  4. Where to buy 95 pounds of cereal marshmallows.
  5. An interesting read on food snobs & elitism.
  6. Next week is Passover!  I’ve been making these macaroons for 3 years straight.
  7. I just love Tom Hanks so much.
  8. Raising Teenagers: The Mother of All Problems
  9. A great Guide to Ingredient Substitutions.
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Citrus Olive Oil Cake


We move into our new HOUSE this weekend, so I’ve got a to-do list a mile long and I’m running around like a crazy chicken (primer and paint! packing tape! don’t forget to forward the mail! more paint! call the movers! also how does a person get paint out of his/her hair?!  asking for a friend), but I wanted to make sure to tell you about this cake before we forget about citrus and move straight to strawberries/artichokes/rhubarb.


Okay so before we talk about cake I have to tell you that I went to the dentist today (just after writing the intro of this post, actually) and it turns out that, HEY, I’ve got a cavity!  Which I’m just thrilled about.  But the best part was when my dentist very helpfully informed me that the reason I developed said cavity is because of carbs.  Namely, that I’m eating them too frequently and they’re wearing away my enamel?

As he was explaining the situation, I looked at him with wide eyes and an entirely innocent pout and said I’d work on reducing my carb intake.  Because clearly, homeboy doesn’t know the half of it.


So with that in mind, HERE IS THIS CAKE!  It’s rich with grassy olive oil, bright with fresh orange zest, and positively bursting with carbs.  It’s the kind of cake that would make a wonderful dinner party dessert, but also the kind that I can’t help but sneak small slivers from throughout the day as I work and putter around.  (#cavities.)  A perfectly crumbed, gorgeously scented, sweet-but-not-too-sweet snacking cake.

I’m thinking of baking one for my dentist.


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I Think Thursday 3.19.15


Happy week, friends!  What are your plans for the weekend?  I’m looking forward to traveling to Utah to see my very talented cousin star in this funny-looking play.  Here are your thinking links to enjoy!

  1. Did you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year?  You know you don’t have to be Irish to make a homemade Shamrock Shake, right?
  2. Well this workout looks FUN.
  3. New episodes of the And Eat It Too Podcast are up!!
  4. Kristen’s Korean Roasted Sweet Potatoes look like a great way to use a sheet pan (just saying).
  5. Some real thoughts on the food blogging world from Michelle at Hummingbird High.  Her words resonate.
  6. Is the whole Mars One thing a giant scam?
  7. A wonderful idea.
  8. Watch an egg being poached from inside the pot!  Captivating.
  9. The power of “good enough”
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Waffled French Toast


It rained all weekend here, and I didn’t want it to end.  The weekend, I mean, and maybe even the rain.  I cozied up with (too many) fat slices of pie and a terrible/awesome line-up of movies on tv (Major League, Footloose, Sister Act… I could go on but I’ve got a rep to protect) – needless to say, it was GREAT.

And now it’s Monday and, I don’t know about you, but I think that sometimes Monday needs a big, juicy fist to the face.   So we’re making french toast!  In a waffle iron!  On a weekday!  Take that, Monday.


I’ve been leafing through Dan Shumski’s Will It Waffle? for the past few weeks and, in the matter of classic french toast, I just had to know: would it, indeed, waffle?


The answer is yes, my friends.  The answer is YES.


Bonuses to waffling french toast (as opposed to employing the traditional skillet method) include but are not limited to: the elimination of flipping and/or babysitting; extra crispy edges; and, most importantly, the creation of delicious divots for maximum syrup collection.

So not only will it waffle but, indeed, it should.  Let’s kick this Monday in the shins with waffled french toast!


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Blond Bottom Coconut Cream Pie


Get ready to pull out all of your best emojis, peeps, because it’s the return of Pie Day Friday!!!!

Except it’s actually PI DAY Friday (in anticipation of tomorrow, March 14th), which is a similar concept, but also pretty different.  More numbers.  Infinity of them, to be exact.  But also more pie!


Which, I think we can all agree, is a good, good thing.

The first time I can remember eating coconut cream pie was in Charleston, South Carolina which, if you’re in the business of eating coconut cream pie, it turns out is a good place to be.  It was summertime, a year or so after college and mom, dad, Casey and I (where was middle sis Emily?? Did she opt out or did we forget her?  It’s really hard to say) piled into a booth at Jim ‘N Nick’s.  Before we paid the check but after we stuffed our faces with thick slices of barbecued brisket (and weren’t really sure we could handle any more), dessert arrived.  A single slice of coconut cream pie, billowing with fluffy mounds of custard and cream, as cool and smooth as a southern summer’s day is hot and sticky…

We dug into it and just looked at each other, eyes wide, mouths working.  Because THAT was some pie.


This one’s got the same sweet, toasted coconut flavor, the same piles of cooling custard and cream, plus an extra, blond layer of salty caramel, just to sweeten the deal.  It’s still a balanced slice, though, because instead of using sweetened coconut, we call for unsweet.  (What goes around comes around, as Justin Timberlake said that one time).


If ever a day called for pie, it’s tomorrow.  Make this one!  3.14159265359 times.  (Give or take a few).


wait! there’s more…

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I Think Thursday 3.12.15


Another week is (almost) in the books!  Let’s celebrate with this week’s thinking links:

  1. Food + literature, a quiz!  So fun.
  2. Excuse me, cereal milk tres leches cake!?!  Looks like straight up sorcery.
  3. An uplifting story about paying it forward.  And by “it,” I mean “pizza.”
  4. Girl scout cookie wine pairings!? A ridiculous/genius concept, if I ever heard one.
  5. The customer reviews for this book are JUST. HILARIOUS.
  6. Another episode of my new podcast is up!  Sarah and I are having so much fun with this.
  7. Made me laugh.
  8. This headline has me imagining a cartoon-style heist… “give me all the cronuts or this cookie GETS IT!”
  9. I really really really really really really like Tom Hanks.
  10. Pulling that Citrus Beet Salad with Creamy Poppyseed Dressing up there out of the archives!
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