Blond Bottom Coconut Cream Pie


Get ready to pull out all of your best emojis, peeps, because it’s the return of Pie Day Friday!!!!

Except it’s actually PI DAY Friday (in anticipation of tomorrow, March 14th), which is a similar concept, but also pretty different.  More numbers.  Infinity of them, to be exact.  But also more pie!


Which, I think we can all agree, is a good, good thing.

The first time I can remember eating coconut cream pie was in Charleston, South Carolina which, if you’re in the business of eating coconut cream pie, it turns out is a good place to be.  It was summertime, a year or so after college and mom, dad, Casey and I (where was middle sis Emily?? Did she opt out or did we forget her?  It’s really hard to say) piled into a booth at Jim ‘N Nick’s.  Before we paid the check but after we stuffed our faces with thick slices of barbecued brisket (and weren’t really sure we could handle any more), dessert arrived.  A single slice of coconut cream pie, billowing with fluffy mounds of custard and cream, as cool and smooth as a southern summer’s day is hot and sticky…

We dug into it and just looked at each other, eyes wide, mouths working.  Because THAT was some pie.


This one’s got the same sweet, toasted coconut flavor, the same piles of cooling custard and cream, plus an extra, blond layer of salty caramel, just to sweeten the deal.  It’s still a balanced slice, though, because instead of using sweetened coconut, we call for unsweet.  (What goes around comes around, as Justin Timberlake said that one time).


If ever a day called for pie, it’s tomorrow.  Make this one!  3.14159265359 times.  (Give or take a few).


wait! there’s more…

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I Think Thursday 3.12.15


Another week is (almost) in the books!  Let’s celebrate with this week’s thinking links:

  1. Food + literature, a quiz!  So fun.
  2. Excuse me, cereal milk tres leches cake!?!  Looks like straight up sorcery.
  3. An uplifting story about paying it forward.  And by “it,” I mean “pizza.”
  4. Girl scout cookie wine pairings!? A ridiculous/genius concept, if I ever heard one.
  5. The customer reviews for this book are JUST. HILARIOUS.
  6. Another episode of my new podcast is up!  Sarah and I are having so much fun with this.
  7. Made me laugh.
  8. This headline has me imagining a cartoon-style heist… “give me all the cronuts or this cookie GETS IT!”
  9. I really really really really really really like Tom Hanks.
  10. Pulling that Citrus Beet Salad with Creamy Poppyseed Dressing up there out of the archives!
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Chocolate Stout Cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting


A few things that have recently blown my mind:

1.  The amount of money someone needs, on their actual person, to buy a house.  It’s… a lot of dollas.  YIKES.

2.  The kid who played Jimmy Woods in The Wizard is the SAME KID who played Les in Newsies AND Billy Heywood in Little Big League.  THIS GUY’S CAREER THOUGH!

3. The correct way to say it is “Daylight Saving Time.”  “Daylight Savings” isn’t a thing.  WHO KNEW??

4. This cake.  THE CAKE, MY GOD, THE CAKE.


Let’s talk about number four.

THIS CAKE.  I think it’s my best one yet.  (And as someone who’s made their fare share of chocolate cakes over the years, that is saying something.)

I made it for you to help celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, which is in a week.  I’m not particularly keen on St. Patty’s, but any excuse to lick cream cheese frosting from the beaters is fine by me.  Hooray for St. Patrick!


The dark stout in the batter is a dream – it really brings out the chocolate flavor and helps create a sturdy, moist crumb.  And the chocolate cream cheese frosting?  Smooth and dense and oh so luscious.  It’s the perfect balance of deep chocolate flavor and bright, light tang.  It’s like heaven on an offset spatula.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!  (Yes, past tense did.  It was a huge cake and now it’s definitely gone because we finished it.)

Still, it’s nice to know that even if we are low on dollas, we’re absolutely RICH with cake.


For the full recipe, head over to the Page-A-Day Blog from Workman Publishing!

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I Think Thursday 3.5.15


Hi, friends!  Some thinking links as we close out this week:

  1. It feels like spring has come early to Seattle! Although if you live in a place that’s a bit more tolerable-temperature-challenged, a quick batch of those Chocolate Spring Flower Cookies up there might help.
  2. A lovely essay on Paris and pastries.
  3. I’d give this 6-minute animated short an Oscar, too.  You know, if I had that kind of authority.
  4. Episode 3 of the And Eat It Too Podcast is up!  #TroopBeverlyHills.
  5. Last year in pop songs: a mashup.
  6. Food waste is definitely something I struggle with, so it’s cool to read about how attitudes (and actions) on kitchen waste are changing.
  7. The motherlode of kitchen organization tips.  Whoa boy.
  8. This has been making it’s way around the web, but it’s fun: the top song the day you were born. (Mine is Ghostbusters, so I win).
  9. Did you know that yesterday was Middle Child’s Day? …Don’t worry, no one else did, either.
  10. I can’t wait to buy this adorable (and food-centric) guidebook before our honeymoon to Paris this summer!
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Butternut, Spinach & Chickpea Red Curry with Chicken


Evidence that you’re an adult:

1.  You own a tablecloth.

2.  10pm feels TOO LATE.  For anything.

3.  A productive day is one that involves laundry.

4.  Really high heels just aren’t worth it.

5.  You can use the expression “on fleek” in a sentence but don’t actually know what it means.

6.  You can eat cheese and crackers for dinner and answer to NO ONE.

7.  You place a premium on being well hydrated, and keep a water bottle around at all times.

8.  Dental floss is a necessity.

9.  You know when stuff goes on sale at the grocery store (Wednesday, obvi).


Number ten number ten number ten number ten!  It’s happening.  We bought an adorable house in Seattle and it’s not ours quite quite yet but it’s going to be soon, and did I mention that it’s adorable?  #ADULT.

To celebrate, I made you a warm and hearty red curry stew, with sweet squash and tender chicken, bright spinach and creamy coconut milk.  It’s adapted from Amanda Paa’s lovely cookbook, Smitten with Squashwhich it turns out I really am.  I’ve dog-eared about twelve pages so far, and am excited to cook my way through them all (Brown Butter Delicata Doughnuts HELLO).

In the meantime, I’m going to eat a big bowl of red curry off of my tablecloth while contemplating my 401k.  In my HOUSE!  Like a grown up.  Yikes.


wait! there’s more…

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I Think Thursday 2.26.15


Again with a slow week around these parts!  Don’t worry, things will pick up soon.  Once I finish wading through the paperwork for our NEW HOUSE!  #adult.  More on that soon.

In the meantime, here’s what I’m thinking about, this Thursday:

  1. Craving those noodles up there.
  2. What Marilyn Monroe Ate for Breakfast.
  3. Such a cool idea – Be My Eyes: an app that connects blind people with volunteers via video chat, so they have help whenever they need it.  Amazing!
  4. I just like the mental image of feeding babies “heaping teaspoons” of peanut butter.
  5. The second episode of our (audio-challenged) And Eat It Too Podcast is up!  I swear one of these days we will figure out using microphones. (It’s also available on iTunes, hooray!)
  6. Someone get this man a “hello my name is GENIUS” sticker.  And then punch him in the face.
  8. Christina imitating Britney is so, so good.
  9. How gorgeous would these beauties look on your dining room table?
  10. Loving (& a little jelly of) Molly’s honeymoon pics.  Ileana’s too!
  11. I’m torn between Lupita and Emma and Reese.  Who was your pick for best dressed at the Oscars?
  12. Well this is just fantastic. #uptownfunk
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I Think Thursday 2.19.15


Oh hi!

I made these cinnamon rolls from Sheet Pan Suppers last weekend for Valentine’s Day – I’d forgotten how unbelievable they are!  Just wanted to remind you.  And here, your Thursday thinks!

  1. This heartfelt SPS testimonial/review has me grinning from ear to ear.  Yay, Asha!
  2. Straight up loving this cover of Shake It Off.  On repeat.
  3. Why moms love emoji.  This is SO GOOD.
  4. Hot dudes reading on Instagram.  Hah.
  5. What happens when American kids try breakfasts from around the world? (Spoiler alert: cuteness ensues)
  6. Boston, I know you’ve got cabin fever, but is this a thing??
  7. Old Finnish people with things on their heads is amazing.
  8. Cara crushed this sheet pan biscuits & bacon thing.  And I’m slow-clapping her honey butter addition.
  9. Sarah and I are working on creating a podcast for you! We are working out some audio issues but so far it’s FUN.
  10. The Oscars are this weekend! I’ve seen approximately none of the movies nominated.  This guy has not only seen, but ranked all 60 films.
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Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting


One more sweet treat before the weekend!  Or for your weekend, as it were.

Because it’s almost Valentine’s day!


And just as peanut butter loves jelly, and spaghetti loves meatballs, and Mr. Darcy loves Elizabeth — like macaroni is to cheese and chicken is to waffles and Johnny Depp is to Chocolat, it is inescapably true that red velvet cupcakes and cream cheese frosting just GO.  Together.  Hand in hand.  Cake in mouth.


And who are we to argue, anyway?

I like my red velvet cake with a heavy-handed spill of cocoa powder, for more of a chocolatey bite.  This means that the red coloring gets a little bit muddied, but I don’t mind.  The cakes come out out looking rich and dark, little Bordeaux-tinted lovelies, and soon that cream cheese frosting gets piled on and who’s even counting anymore?


Heart shaped sprinkles seal the deal.

Happy Valentine’s day, friends!  Sending you love this weekend.


wait! there’s more…

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I Think Thursday 2.12.15


Happy Thursday, friends!  Today is my mama’s and sister’s birthday, so it’s an extra special one.  Here, some thinks:

  1. Remember those banana bread hearts?  They make for a fun Valentine’s Day project.
  2. Stefanie made Caesar Salad Garlic Bread from SPS and it looks DANG good.
  3. Cities (and people) are dirty & amazing.
  4. Great tip for reviving a bottle of flat champagne! (I feel like The Kitchn has been killing it lately.)
  5. Coming Soon!  ACCA-AWESOME.
  6. These lil chocolate pots de creme look sooo good!  Bonus points for being hecka easy to pull off.
  7. Say it ain’t so, Jon Stewart.
  8. What a fun cookbook roundup!
  9. How to fall asleep in under 1 minute.
  10. I used to work here!  Get yourself one of those Valentine’s Day box of goodies stat.
  11. Are fashion sweatpants a thing?  If so, I’m ON BOARD.
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Egg in a Heart in a Bread


Whether you’re single or attached, Valentine’s Day is kind of the worst.

For the single, it’s a quiet kind of pity party, a big fat reminder of singledom (and what’s so bad about that, anyway?), and for the coupled, it’s a day of weirdly forced romanticism – diamond commercials (gag), expectations (flowers, at least), cheesy fixed price menus (molten lava cakes!) and exorbitant prices all around.  Ugh.

And yet.  I do love an excuse to bust out the heart-shaped cutter.  Like a heart-shaped, egg-filled piece of toast!


Or four.  On a sheetpan!  Obviously.

The nice thing about these is that they all cook at once in your oven, so if you’re hosting a Valentine’s Day brunch or have a bunch of kiddos to feed, you don’t have to stand over the stove and make these one by one.


Plus they’re cute!

But if they’re not your thing, you could always just go with chocolate.  Or cookies.  Or pizza!  But you know what they say… every kiss begins with Eggs in Hearts in Breads.  Or something.


wait! there’s more…

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