I Think Thursday 1.8.15


Holy jeez it’s January!  AND it’s Thursday!  I still haven’t gotten over my wedding (above) (duh), but let’s start this year with a few new thinks:

  1. Sheet Pan Suppers is featured on Today.com! (HI KATHY LEE AND HODA!)
  2. Andrew Knowlton’s Food Predictions for 2015.  I can get behind a few of these (tacos + Shake Shake, mostly).
  3. You Can’t Detox Your Body.  Take that, juice cleanse.
  4. What are your favorite tips for eating healthfully?
  5. Cartoonists respond to the Charlie Hebdo tragedy.
  6. Where are you most excited to travel this year?  The Saveur staff shares their faves.
  7. Is the practice of tipping getting out of hand?  I have mixed feelings about this.
  8. White privilege is real.  An explanation.
  9. Would you eat salad for breakfast?  I would if it looked like Gina’s!
  10. I heart the New Yorker.  #BenedictCumberbatch
  11. Ellen & Portia forever.
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3 Responses to I Think Thursday 1.8.15

  1. Julie says:

    I love Andrew Knowlton’s restaurant name generator. The whole concept actually — the recent hipster business name generator and my favorite, your NPR host name (ala Ofeibea Quist-Arcton) — to create your first name, insert your middle initial somewhere in your first name. Your last name is the smallest foreign town you’ve visited. Mine is Ejulie Chora.

  2. AH! That photo! So gorgeous! Happy Thursday!! 🙂

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