I Think Thanksgiving Thursday!


HAPPY THANKSGIVING, LOVELIES!  Let me guess: you’ve eaten all the eats, drunk (all) the drinks, and now you’re looking for fun stuff to entertain you online while you hang around with your favorite cousins and attempt to come out of a stuffing-induced coma.

Am I close??

  1. Artist Removes One Letter From Famous Movie Titles & Illustrates the Results
  2. Did you call the Butterball Hotline today? (I love that this exists.)
  3. Remember the Serial Podcast I mentioned a few weeks back?  This parody is too good.
  4. Have you seen this hilarious SNL music video?  BACK HOME BALLERS.  #accurate.
  5. Speaking of music videos, BRUNO MARS.  So good.
  6. Munchkin the Shih Tzu is a dog dressed like a bear and she seems to be getting lots of traction.
  7. These vintage food advertisements are… special. What would I have to pay you to try some “Fiesta Peach Spam Bake?”
  8. Meet my friend Sarah!
  9. This sweatshirt!  Cutest.  You could wear it to brunch with jeans OR to a holiday party!
  10. Have you checked out all of the incredible recipes people brought to Renee’s virtual Friendsgiving this week?  Check back tomorrow for my (chocolatey) contribution (plus a giveaway)!

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  1. i thought this was gonna be a brussel sprouts recipe. Wtf. Can you send me a couple? Like them crispy. Thanks!!!

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