Holiday Cheer!

The holidays are upon us!  In full force, y’know?  There are string lights to deal with and parking spots to yell over and crowded stores to shove our way through.  Oh, and treats to make!  For the neighbors and Santa and everyone.  If you’re looking for something festive to whip up this weekend, don’t fret!  I’ve got you covered:


Salty Rosemary Toffee Crunch is the not-really-baking baking project you need right now.


Spicy Molasses & Brown Sugar Cookies are THE holiday cookie of holiday cookies.  They’re the coziest.


My Favorite Cut-Out Sugar Cookies are the best in the biz.  Perfectly textured, not too sweet.  You heard it here!


Chewy Holiday Spiced Snickerdoodles are a big YES.


Chocolate Candy Cane Crackles are meant for Santa’s plate.  Or your mouth.  Whichevs.


These White Chocolate Gingerbread Blondies are maaaajor.


And finally, Christmas Gingerbread!  The fluff, fluffiest cake of the year.

Happy holiday baking, everyone!

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