White Chocolate & Peppermint Dipped Chocolate Roll-Outs

More cookies!  Because honestly, why not? I’ve loved these Chocolate Roll-Out cookies since I discovered them (thanks, as always, Deb!) a few years ago.  They’re soft and brownie-like, but in a rollable cookie form, which means fun shapes and glazes and toppings galore. I should note that they’re also fantastic plain, without any of that […]

I Think Thursday 12.7.17

Hi, friends!  Happy Thursday.  Has the country just spontaneously gone up into flames yet?  No?  Great.  I’m keeping myself (mostly) distracted from current events with thoughts of seeing friends and family this weekend, and also eating a boatload of holiday cookies. Here, some links for you! Hannukah is next week! Let’s make LATKES! This made […]

Cookie Swap

Did you know that yesterday was National Cookie Day? Yeah, neither did I, but Instagram is really good at reminding me of these things (although according to the official “day calendar,” today is National Sacher Torte day, and I don’t see that many people lighting up their feeds with sacher tortes, so… I’m just saying.) […]