Hey.  Hi.  I’m Molly.  I’m big cheeked and curly haired and almost almost 30 pretty solidly in my 30’s.  I have clammy hands, a very blond toddler, two younger sisters and questionable taste in popular music.  It seems there’s not much I can do about it.

I grew up near Philadelphia, surrounded by cousins and corned beef sandwiches.  I played lots of sports and ate lots of orange slices.  Also popsicles.

I spent my college years in Amherst, Massachusetts, and Paris, France.  After graduation I got a good, sensible, grown-up job in Boston, and it only took me two and half years to realize I’d rather not be all that sensible.  So, naturally, I went to culinary school.

I graduated from New York City’s French Culinary Institute in 2010 with expertise in both culinary and pastry arts.  I’ve worked as a private chef in the Hamptons and as a baker/confectioner/chocolatier for Liddabit Sweets in Brooklyn.  I’ve tried my hand as a SAVEUR Magazine test kitchen intern in Manhattan, and taught cooking classes for some tiny residents of Brooklyn Heights and San Francisco.  I’ve written two (pretty great! If I’m allowed to say that) cookbooks and love my domestic life in Seattle.

I take all my own photographs, and I use a Canon Powershot SD1200 IS.  I’m hoping to upgrade to a Digital SLR soon Canon Rebel T2i digital SLR camera.  I love it.  I also have very little clue as to how to appropriately use it.  I think lessons are in order.  Want to give me lessons?  I can pay you in cookies, I promise.

Some important things:

My grandmas and my sisters are my heroes.

I’m kind of obsessed with my kid, and I’m okay with it.

I am afraid of sharks and lactose intolerance.

I enjoy most literature meant for young adults.

I’m really good at drinking milkshakes and tea and wine.  And wine.

I think nails were meant to be painted, and red lipstick looks good on everyone.

I wish I had my own garden.  I have my own garden!  And I wish I knew how to garden.

I’m terrible at walking in heels, but I love buying them, so I’ve pretty much given up on buying them.

I think my jump shot is better than yours.

I’m really glad you’re here.

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  1. I’m in love with Molly G. She’s MY idol, and niece, but that has nothing to do with my perception of this amazing young woman. Xoxo

  2. I *should* be doing work right now, but then I was on gchat and I stumbled upon your new and improved bloggy blog and now I can’t stop reading it. This site is really fantastic! Really! The pictures are so crisp and so pretty. And I love the way you write. So, I guess to make a long blog post even longer, I think you should turn these posts into a book! I would totally buy it. And I bet lot’s of others would too.

  3. Hey Molly, my passion is cooking and I came across your site and LOVE IT! I was so surprised to see you!! I love your site, I could sit here reading your recipes all day. (No joke, my favorite thing to read is cookbooks and recipes). Anyways, just wanted to drop you a note, say that love your site and I have added it to my favorites.

    Hope you are doing well otherwise!


    1. Hi Kira! Thanks so much for your note – it’s always nice to hear that someone (besides my mother) enjoys my site! I’m like you — could read nothing but recipes all day. Hope all is well with you, thanks again for your sweet comment!

  4. Molly, I love the photographs of the food. Everything looks so yummy. I think I’m getting hooked on your approach to food, life, family and friends. Fondly, Lorrie

  5. Hello,

    Your blog fascinated me and made me laugh out loud. I stumbled across it while frantically trying to find out how to apply for a test kitchen internship at Saveur. I ended up staying for a while and forgot my original intent. Anyways, I know we are strangers but I too decided not to be sensible and go to culinary school. I was wondering if you had any advice for me on how to land a spot in that test kitchen. Seriously…any advice whatsoever. I am at a loss. I will be back on Dunk & Crumble soon.


    1. Hi Kate! Thanks for your comment – so glad you found me! I’d be happy to chat with you about Saveur — shoot me an email at molly [at] dunkandcrumble [dot] com — we’ll talk test kitchens.

  6. Hi Molly,

    I stumbled upon your blog through someone’s facebook post and recognized the name. Your food looks amazing – I hope you don’t mind if I follow your cooking journeys. All the best!

  7. Hi Molly! I am friends with your sisters from Madison. Love your blog already… Can’t wait to keep reading and will probably be pinning lots of your stuff 🙂

  8. Hi Molly! We love Dunk & Crumble all the way up here in Vancouver, Canada! Yummy recipes and beautiful photos – what could be better?! I manage a blog myself and love to feature recipes; I wonder if you would allow me to share some of yours with our readers? We get great traffic, and I’d be sure to credit all content to you with links back to your site. Thanks so much!

      1. Hi Molly!

        Can you send me your e-mail, i like to ask you something about one recipe that you did at french Culinary Institute.
        Thank you

  9. Started following your blog about a year ago and really enjoy it. Can I ask… who did your website? I’m packaging my own nascent blog and am trying to figure out how to make it look great:)

    1. Thanks, Laura! My site was designed by a wonderful and talented friend of mine – her name is Val Gnaedig, and you can learn more about her on her website (http://valeriegnaedig.net) Good luck with your redesign! I think your site looks great already, I’ve just added it to my bookmarks. Happy cooking and writing!

  10. Hi Molly:
    Welcome to SFO. Found your web site via Terrain. We have 2 married daughters w/husbands and 3 grand children in the Bay Area. Would love to learn more about your cooking classes for kids – our grand children are ages 3,5 & 8. What other Farmer Markets in the Bay Area? Ferry Plaza is wonderful – Cow Girl, Acme Bread, Frog Hollow fruits & jams, etc. Your Zucchini chip for kids reminds me of the eggplant chips I make for the children. Hope to try it soon.

    1. Hi Joanne! So glad you found me. I’m loving being out in the Bay area – the Ferry Bldg. farmer’s market is my favorite so far, but I also love the Sunday market at Fort Mason. Looking forward to exploring the many, many others! I teach kids cooking classes in Potrero Hill, at a place called Recess (http://www.recessurbanrecreation.com) – I do classes for 2 and 3 year olds, and one class for older kids through an after-school program. Would love some new students in your grandchildren! Thank you for commenting – and if you do make the zucchini chips, please let me know how they turn out!

  11. We just found your site via Liddabit Sweets on Facebook. Just wanted to say this is one of the best “about” profiles we’ve ever seen. Very funny and poignent. Let us know if you’d ever like to try some of our ice cream, maybe we can do a drop off!

    – Phebes

  12. Thank you for a wonderful blog. We read it here in the office and absolutely enjoy the content. You are funny and sweet and the food…well that’s another story. Good luck in everything you do. Are you on Instagram?
    Sincerely, your fans from Oklahoma

  13. Found your blog via my friend, Maggie’s reposts on Facebook. Thanks to her I get to enjoy your great sense of humor, wonderful photography and recipes. I guess that would be THOROUGHLY enjoy them. Keep writing, keep sharing.

  14. Hi Molly,
    You are my first “ever” Blog. I have located so many family and friends on FB that I just had a memory of my sweet Aunt Molly Gilbert from Philadelphia tonight ( my hometown) and decided to google her name. She was married to my Uncle Sam Gilbert. So here I am ( funny my son is an Exec Chef too) enjoying your adorable blog. Wondering if we are cousins.. You have my e-mail address, so let me know… Thanks Janet Gilbert-Rice

  15. Hey Molly, I just discovered your blog last week and love it. Did notice one think and that is there is no print button on any of your recipes. Is this intentional or am I missing something. Thanks Suze

    1. Hi Suze! You’re correct, I’m missing that feature, but will try to get a print button up soon! Thanks!

  16. Don’t you worry, Molly. I’m lactose intolerant and I live a full and healthy life, albeit a life without ice cream and alfredo sauce. There is nothing to fear about lactose intolerance, I promise. The best part about it when you BLOW PEOPLE’S MINDS by eating cheese. 🙂

  17. Love your site – I am wanting to get more into cooking and you are an inspiration!!

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